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    customer has a question

    Thanks, Mark, me thinks McFeely's may be the best place for her. Thanks, Kyle, I'll get back to you if she wants to go ahead and get the carving done. You guys are great! Thanks again!

    customer has a question

    Thanks, but we have the same stocks here at our place, Sofa Legs, Table Legs, Furniture Parts, S4S at but what she really wants is someone who can modify it for her and carve something nice too.

    customer has a question

    One of my customers just asked me something I cannot help with, I wonder if any one of you ppl got any suggestions? Or I can refer her to any one here willing to help / sell her what she wants. Here's her email to me: start quote: I am looking for furniture feet. My daughter has a sleigh...

    Comment by '' in media 'Steve Coles Age 60'

    Alright, papa programmer, way to go, Steve ! Nice Tattoo !

    hello, from high point

    Hi Ray, Yeah, this is the first time i am working for a company dealing with wood. I am not into wood working. I am more to marketing and e-commerce, but i would definitely love to learn something about wood hence my presence here. The closest i have been to a wood working machine was about 3...

    newbe computer stupid

    hi there Robert, I have used a computer for more than a decade and guess what? I still find myself wondering "how comes i didn't know that???" every now and then! :)

    hello, from high point

    hi Dave, wow, that was quick. Yeah, i know Kevin, he's my colleague. I am here to continue liason work for bingltd dot com since he's busy. Also to thank this site for all the interest it has generated in our business. Charlene used to be active here too but these days she's taking care of...

    hello, from high point

    Hello to y'all. Noobie here, working for a small time wood importer based in high point. Visit us at www dot bingltd dot com, see y'all.

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