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  1. Creole table

    Creole table

    Creole table from Popular Woodworking. Black walnut.
  2. SSuther

    Bargains WIA show

    I've rarely bought new tools, having come up in woodworking going the old tool route, often via MWTCA. Something told me to stray from that path when WIA came to Winston, and ended up buying a LN tapered dovetail saw (they had one available at the show). Also ordered my first BU plane (other...
  3. SSuther

    Do you have a favorite wood for your projects?

    It's been walnut for me for many years. My grandfather made many pieces with it that I inherited, and I've continued the pattern. It doesn't hurt that I also inherited a substantial stack of air dried walnut. Recently, though, I completed my first project in cherry, and really enjoyed how it...
  4. SSuther

    Grandpa !!!!!

    Congrats on the new grandbaby! This caught my eye because our first grandchild is due any day. This is week 37 for my daughter, so any time, I suppose.
  5. SSuther

    Black Walnut finish...

    I've finished quite a few projects in air dried black walnut over the years and have used Watco oil and wax as my go to finish. I have noticed that some of the older projects that were exposed to UV have faded in color over time. From my research, looks like that's pretty common. I have used...
  6. Extra Bits

    Extra Bits

  7. SSuther

    (semi) "New" tool Gloat

    I've accumulated some extras and would be happy to help you fill the case. These look to be 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, and 3/4. A couple are oversize by a smidge. They're in pretty good shape and would sharpen up fine. I took a photo, but can't seem to get it to show here. PM an email, and I'll send...
  8. SSuther

    The Woodworking Show Returns to Charlotte

    Glad to see them coming to Charlotte again. I rarely buy much, but I do like to just be immersed in woodworking stuff for a day. It's especially nice to actually try some of the tools and see some of our woodworking heroes teach their techniques.
  9. SSuther

    Are we entering a hand tool Renaissance?

    I've been developing my hand tool interest and skills since the early days of St. Roy. I think he really sparked the renewed interest in hand tools, and the internet came along and really energized it. The Schwarz has recently fanned the flames even further. I thank them both as well as all...
  10. SSuther

    My Holtzapfel Bench - COMPLETE

    I'm in awe! Been trying to find my round tuit to build a good solid bench like that.
  11. SSuther

    Home Inspectors

    I am a Realtor in the Iredell and Mecklenburg markets. I frequently use Robert Wilson of Advantage Inspection- 704-684-0351. He does great work. I've known him for over 20 years. He used to be a homebuilder, so he knows his stuff.
  12. SSuther

    MWTCA Meeting in Raleigh July 24th

    Not sure if I can make it this year, but I'd recommend it to anyone who likes tools. It's worth the trip just to see Ed's personal collection which is massive, including lots of foot-powered tools.
  13. SSuther

    A member has passed away

    So sorry to hear of Randy's passing. I talked to him at a couple of our MWTCA meetings, and he seemed to be an extraordinary person. From everything I've seen about him, I think he achieved something that we all can hold as a high standard in life- he mattered- to very many people.
  14. SSuther

    Finally taking the plunge!!

    Wish you the best of luck. My contribution is to say that every job done well will become the basis for a referral from happy customers. People love to recommend someone to their friends when they have confidence that the friend will get good results. Repeat business is great, but referral...
  15. SSuther

    The Woodworking Source Online Grand Opening

    Glad the site is up and running. Looks good. Now you all can be jealous of my living in Mooresville where the store is located. Don't be that jealous, though. Seems like I don't have the time to work wood nearly as much as I'd like. Serious purchases may have to wait until I retire-...
  16. SSuther

    Foot Powered Website Up

    Ed, Looks like the beginnings of a very nice site. If you all have not been to a MWTCA meeting at Ed's place, and seen his amazing collection of foot and hand powered tools, you owe it to yourself to go.
  17. SSuther

    Large Walnut and Cedar Trees Available

    I have a friend who asked me if I know anyone who'd be interested in 3 large walnut trees (36 inch diameter) and over 50 large cedars (20 inch) that he needs to have removed from land in Rowan County. Don't have any idea what $$s he's thinking, but I told him I'd post here and provide his...
  18. SSuther

    Great day at the Woodwright's School!

    Cool! I'd love to take a class with him someday. Roy's show is really what got me interested in hand tools many years ago. I started taping his show so long ago, the first ones are on Beta tapes! No longer have a working Beta player :tinysmile_cry_t:
  19. SSuther

    Finished a Walnut Hall Table

    No. I made that scratcher years ago for another project. I've got some beading planes, but this actually does a better job when the grain is funky. The blade is from a piece of old power hacksaw blade. Cuts pretty quick, too.

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