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  1. dancam

    Clamp pad solution?

    Hide glue or electric glue gun? Electric glue gun
  2. dancam

    Clamp pad solution?

    I use a dab of hot glue, and it seems to work.
  3. dancam

    Vacuum Press

    Hey folks, I do small piece veneering (mostly for boxes) and I'm using a modified book press. I was wondering if anyone has used the hand-pumped vacuum press with any success? I recently saw a YouTube video that recommended a space bag product as an alternative to a full-blown vacuum setup...
  4. dancam

    Gift Card

    I recently won a $25 Gift Card in the NCWW raffle to, and unfortunately, I'm not a turner. So if any of you turners are interested, you can have it for $10.00. PM me with your address, and I'll post it to you.
  5. dancam

    Keepsake box/cabinet (2)

    Nice boxes..they should go fast on CL.
  6. dancam

    Your Thoughts on DeWalt 734 vs 735 Planer

    I've had the Makita and it was ok, I then upgraded to the DW 734 and it was also pretty good but very noisy. I finally settled on the DW 735 w/outfeed tables and it was heads above the other two. Then about five years ago I upgraded the 735 with a Byrd shelix head and it was a great investment...
  7. dancam

    New Keepsake Box

    Hey Hank, We aim to please...
  8. dancam

    New Keepsake Box

    Hank, not sure of the metal. Positively not solid brass at that price. I'm assuming "pot metal" with brass plate. They are not flimsy and hold well. They have a spring sleeve with w/a ball bearing in the lower half that secures the hasp. Overall I'm delighted with them.
  9. dancam

    New Keepsake Box

    Ebay, a six pack is $13/+ s&h.
  10. dancam

    New Keepsake Box

    Hank...they are curly maple.
  11. dancam

    New Keepsake Box

    I just finished a new keepsake box for consignment. It's made of Claro walnut with grain match, and the top is qtr sawn spalted sycamore. I lined it with black cherry and Burgandy leatherette. The tray is also cherry w/a leatherette bottom. Sanded to 600 grit and finished with Odie's Dark oil.
  12. dancam

    Newbie and new member Western NC-hope pics are ok

    Welcome, looks like some real nice steel.
  13. dancam

    New Boxes

    Here are a couple of Humidors I made for the consignment gallery. The larger is Sapele with Purple Heart top and the smaller is Bolivian Rosewood & Curly Maple. They are lined w/Spanish Cedar and finished with Odie’s Dark Oil.
  14. dancam

    Latest table- pics

  15. dancam

    Bandsaw Help

    Here's a setup video that covers blade installation and tracking.
  16. dancam

    Recently completed sapele end tables

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the floating top & shelf, and the design is both traditional and contemporary at the same time.
  17. dancam

    Dewalt DW735 Purchase

    good deal.
  18. dancam

    New Whiskey Cabinet

    Well, I built another whiskey cabinet. My wife showed a picture of the previously posted cabinet, a consignment piece, to one of her friends, and she asked me to build one for her hubby, who re-did their basement with a new bar. She had specifics to hold two bottles and two Glencairn whiskey...
  19. dancam

    New Box

    Larry, I have used Odie's on Padauk for over 2 years, and it gets more mellow over time.
  20. dancam

    New Box

    Michael, the side rail hinges are easy with a router table. See YouTube for "Neat Hinge Installation". The latch is from Brusso, and they have instructions on their website.

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