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  1. Graywolf

    Blue ribbon at the County Fair

  2. Graywolf

    Blue Ribbon at Stare Fair

  3. Graywolf

    Anybody ever tried hemp oil as a finish?

    Yep, it was worth a try but did not measure up for me anyway
  4. Graywolf

    Anybody ever tried hemp oil as a finish?

    But have you used it? I have, Whitfield, if you want to experiment I’ll be glad to give you the bottle I have. I don’t plan on using it.
  5. Graywolf

    Anybody ever tried hemp oil as a finish?

    It stinks to high heaven. Just like a dead skunk in the middle of the road. Other than that it’s a non drying oil.
  6. Graywolf

    Post what you're building..

    Chris, that’s going to fun to see finished, it’ll make a great lending library. Jim, dang that’s a lot of work, and it’s going to be beautiful.
  7. Graywolf

    A vise question for chair makers

    That’s a good one. I like the saw, best guess is it’s a Japanese saw plate that he has mounted and set up to adjust the depth of cut. One could do it with any saw plate much like a staircase saw, or a kerfing saw. The way he is using it is right handy. I like it.
  8. Graywolf

    A vise question for chair makers

    So are you thinking of adding this to your build list?
  9. Graywolf

    Greensboro Lunch - Tuesday 19th

    Sorry I’ll have to miss this one, I’ll be working toward Lexington
  10. Graywolf

    Raffle prizes

    Chris, it was pleasure to meet you and spend time learning about you. You are a very generous person. I truly enjoyed restoring those saws. To me it’s always fun to bring things back to life. I look forward to bringing the saw blades you entrusted to me back to life. Like I said I think a couple...
  11. Graywolf

    Post what you're building..

    I have several things going on, finished trimming out the furniture base on this island! wrapping up turning a run of London pattern file handles. another 14” backsaw ready to restore. and after meeting with ChrisC yesterday, I received this lovely batch of saw blades. After I work through...
  12. Graywolf

    Happy Birthday Steve Coles

    Happy birthday
  13. Graywolf

    I call it The Mother Bowl...

    Gene, that’s a beauty.
  14. Graywolf

    NC "In the news"

    Congratulations Stuart!
  15. Graywolf

    Keepsake boxes

    Very cool.
  16. Graywolf

    New Keepsake Box

    Just lovely.
  17. Graywolf

    Puzzle Box 3 completed

    Very nice
  18. Graywolf

    RDU Lunch Friday October 15

    I’ll be there!
  19. Graywolf

    Newbie and new member Western NC-hope pics are ok

    Welcome to the forum. It looks like you have been busy.
  20. Graywolf

    Rabbet plane build (in progress)

    The antique oil is a good finish with a pretty fast drying time. Which is why I think a lot folks use it for that reason. That doesn’t mean I think you should rush out and get some. The Watco danish oil is just fine. I have used both and like them on an equal standing.

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