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  1. Ed Fasano

    Consistent Wolverine Vari-Grind Angles

    I use the Ron Brown 4-way jig for the Wolverine flat grinding table. Very handy device.
  2. Ed Fasano

    Consistent Wolverine Vari-Grind Angles

    It's an older Woodcraft grinder. The CBN wheels are from Woodturners Wonders. I opted for 180 and 350 and they seem to be working out (for me). The 350 is the wider squared-off edge version with some flat area on the sides of the wheel. The 180 has the radiused edges.
  3. Ed Fasano

    Consistent Wolverine Vari-Grind Angles

    Consistent Wolverine Vari-Grind angles I’m guessing that this idea isn’t new, but here’s my take on setting consistent Vari-Grind angles on a Wolverine jig. Make a supply of right-angle stock to fit on/over the long V-arm. Once a desired grind angle is confirmed by way of the V-arm length...
  4. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Record No. 5 Jack Plane For Sale

    Wiley, right now it looks to be sold and I doubt that $10 would cover the shipping, Probably more like $15. In any case, I'll be happy to get back to you if the two fellows turn out to be ghosts. Thank you for your interest!
  5. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Record No. 5 Jack Plane For Sale

    I'm afraid that Raleigh isn't on my near-term horizon.
  6. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Record No. 5 Jack Plane For Sale

    Record No. 5 Jack Plane - SOLD & PAID - Pending Inspection $55.00 Made in England. Very good condition; a very nice user plane. No casting issues. Tote and knob are secure. The sole has been flattened to a nice point for everyday use. The blade is ground and honed well and the back also spent...
  7. Ed Fasano

    NArex Chisels - Richter/95/Paring

    Horribly tardy reply.... Thank you. Ordered them from Taytool. Very happy now.
  8. Ed Fasano

    Shapton GlassStone (GS) Series HR Stone

    Just Fyi, the Shapton GlassStone (GS) Series 16,000 HR Stone is typically priced at around $140 to $160. For whatever reason Lee Valley has them priced now at $109. Oddly, or perhaps highlighting a pricing error, the same stone in 12,000 grit is more expensive. Carry on. Shapton GlassStone...
  9. Ed Fasano

    NArex Chisels - Richter/95/Paring

    I have been waiting since December for a set of Narex Richters from Lee Valley. I wanted better, but didn't want to lay out $65 to $100 per chisel for today's ultra-premium offerings. I have a vintage set of Marples Blue Chips that are my trusty beaters (a few of which are getting pretty short)...
  10. Ed Fasano

    Oscillating Multi Tool?

    I have an older corded Fein Multimaster. I envisioned it as a go-to tool when I laid out the then $240. I was wrong. It sees very little use. It is, however a very good tool. Far less vibration than than most. I did use it on some nasty tile work and it (with a pricey cutter) got the job done...
  11. Ed Fasano

    Forest Woodworker ll

    Heal well and quickly! I hope that you do share more about how it happened so that perhaps we can learn from your horrible mishap. Again, recover quickly.
  12. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

    I'd really enjoy seeing your shop. How about 10-ish on Friday? Don't worry. I won't stay too long. I have an HVAC guy coming late morning. Just text me the location.
  13. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

    Mike, either day can work for me. Let me know which day and where works best for you. Ed
  14. Ed Fasano

    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

    SOLD - Set of Six—Stanley Sweetheart Chisels $85.00 Excellent bench chisels! The condition of each is better than new, as I’ve done the grunt work of flattening and polishing the backs. You can save some money, time, and effort because these classic socket handles, popularized by Stanley and...
  15. Ed Fasano

    Tablesaw - adjustment and tuning

    If my memory serves, Fine Woodworking # 265 Tools & Shops 2018 has the only table saw tune-up article (that I've seen) that addresses this blade tilt issue.
  16. Ed Fasano

    New-to-me 10" jointer restored

    Love the job you did! The machine's footprint is just what I need. Can you deliver it?
  17. Ed Fasano

    Shoulder Plane

  18. Ed Fasano

    And then the magic smoke oozed out of the table saw ...

    A lot of aging woodworkers are giving up their shops and others are trading up to high-end SawStops, which has made for some attractive bargains out there. Keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace. There is the general marketplace and at least two Marketplace Groups that specialize in woodworking...
  19. Ed Fasano

    Bowl Turning?!%&*#

    Was the new Pinnacle bowl gouge truly sharp? New does not mean sharp. New doesn't even mean correctly ground. These comments come from a slow learner and were hard-learned lessons. Moreover, I like and agree with what Mike Davis wrote. I think this is good advice for casual turners, even if...
  20. Ed Fasano

    Latest Turnings

    Stunning as always. You really piss me off!

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