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  1. Grimmy2016

    Need a CNC for a one off project...

    Looking to find someone near Winston Salem with a CNC who would be willing to help my wife complete a cutting board project for her work. Its 3 boards and we just need her work logo engraved in the board. If anyone has a CNC who can help us out please reach out.Let me know costs as well...
  2. Grimmy2016

    Remote Start Issue for DC

    I have a 2HP DC unit which I added a larger Rikon fan to in order to create more suction. I am aware this causes more draw on startup - but not sure how much. I currently have it running just fine on a dedicated 110v 20Amp Circuit. I recently bought a Jet remote start kit that is supposed to...
  3. Grimmy2016

    Ambrosia Maple Question

    I am looking at utilizing some air dried ambrosia maple. It does show little holes in the wood where I assume bugs got into the wood (was there from the day it was freshly cut) and I am curious if I should put epoxy or some other filler into these whole before using for a table? I like the look...
  4. Grimmy2016

    Dont Neglect our Facebook group! Its growing quickly

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a reminder to please check out our Facebook group, linked in the Social Media tab above, as we are seeing very quick growth. The group continues to have a lot of active engagement incouding: lots of discussions, questions, project sharing, requests for work to be...
  5. Grimmy2016

    Grizzly 'Build Your Shop' Sale 9/21 - 9/27

    Just in case you dont get these emails.
  6. Grimmy2016

    Input on pipe clamps

    I broke a clamp head the other night while starting to clamp up a board. It sheared off right below the handle spindle. ANyway - I am thinking of getting a new set of clamps and was leaning towards some 3/4" pipe clamps. What I am looking for is insight or recommendations for good, sturdy...
  7. Grimmy2016

    WANTED: Fiber/Cardboard drum for collecting sawdust waste

    I saw an ad on Craiglist for Free cardboard drums months ago and didnt think I needed one. Now that I have been working on my dust collection setup I see how invaluable they can be. I primarily like the fiber versions since they are so lightweight to begin with and that makes taking sawdust out...
  8. Grimmy2016

    drip groove in cutting board

    Does anyone have a good method for putting a drip groove into a cutting board equidistant from the edge all the way around? I was going to use my router table but not sure if thats a good idea since I cant see the cut edge. Something like this.
  9. Grimmy2016

    For Sale: Two #4 and Two #5 hand planes

    I have two sets of #4 and #5 hand planes on top of the ones I keep for actual use. I would like to sell these. $25 each of all 4 for $80. Pics attached 1. 2. 3. 4. 4.
  10. Grimmy2016

    Dust Collector Motor change question

    I have a 2hp Harbor Freight Dust collector and I am thinking of replacing it with a 3 or 5hp motor, but the ones I keep finding online are called electric compressor motors. They seem to have the correct shaft size for the impeller but I am not sure if there are other specifications that I need...
  11. Grimmy2016

    SOLVED: Help needed moving 20" planer in Winston Salem

    I just received my Grizzly 20" planer and after unpacking it I see its sitting on 2 pallets. It also says it weights about 900 lbs according to the grizzly site. The booklet says get my forklift to move it around... WTH!! I was hoping some of you smart people had an idea of how to lift this...
  12. Grimmy2016

    SOLD: Beginner Powertools - 12" planer

    I have a piece of equipment that both work fine that I no longer need as I have upgraded. The first is a Central Machinery 12" 2.5 HP planer with HSS reversible blades ( new ones installed within last year), and it comes with its own wooden stand. $100. Could be great as a secondary planer if...
  13. Grimmy2016

    Crepe Myrtel Tree coming down- offering some of it up.

    I have a 35 year old Crepe Myrtel that is coming down this weekend ( I think today, but possibly tomorrow) and want to offer up some of the wood to those who may be interested. The three is over 20 ft tall and has thick twisty limbs in some places. Its definitely not one of those that has been...
  14. Grimmy2016

    What color to paint my walls

    I currently have the old fake wood panel walls from the early 80s up in my workshop. My work room is about 15'x15' ish with 8' ceilings and cement floor. I am thinking of painting the walls a lighter color to improve the feeling of space and overall brightness inthe room. Does anyone have any...
  15. Grimmy2016

    Graduation Gift ideas for femal high school senior

    My daughter graduates this year and I would like to make her a gift to give her (beyond the other trips and gifts she will get from the wife and I) but I am not really sure what to make her. So I am asking for ideas on proejcts. She doesnt play any instruments, nor sports. She doesnt know for...
  16. Grimmy2016

    NEW DQ Vendor

    All, The North Carolina Furniture School has joined the list of our DQ vendors. Their discount program includes: $75 off of all 2 day classes: Use this code at checkout DVXE84E9 and 10% off of all Easy Wood Tools Chisels and carbide: EWZB7ZK8 NOTE: To get access to these codes you must go...
  17. Grimmy2016

    Big News Coming in October....

    Coming in October the North Carolina Woodworker site will have something new to share will all of our members and guest!! Any guesses what it might be?
  18. Grimmy2016

    Bandsaw drift

    I have recently RE-setup my Grizzly 17" bandsaw and made sure its on the highest speed, but no matter what type of wood I have it seems to drift AND burn the sides of the wood. anywhere from .5 inch and up to 2" causes this same drift - which always seems to be to the inside. I watch videos on...
  19. Grimmy2016

    HOW TO: Seal newly cut wood for bowl blanks?!?!

    I want to seal the bradford pear bowl blanks I had cut today. Should I wait a few days then do it? Can I use latex? Should I put them in plastic bags? I guess since I am new to turning and never had a fresh tree cut to deal with I really dont know the appropriate steps or timing to take them...
  20. Grimmy2016

    Bradford pear

    Having a bradford pear tree taken down tomorrow. Is it worth having them cut some bowl blanks? Or anyone want to make slabs. Its approx 20" diameter. Just need to decide tonight so i can leave instructions for them tomorrow

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