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    Happiness is....

    Absolutely Steve, the turning muscle and the jackhammer muscle are one and the same. Once you have enough turning muscle to "dunlop" you are well on your way to being able to keep that turning tool under control....:lol: Me, I have enough of a turnining muscle that I don't even need to hold...
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    Voting is open for the 2008 Calendar contest

    Monty, I find no way to access the ratings and enter a number for voting. Maybe I am having another senior moment but I don't know how to vote.
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    Happiness is....

    LOL, Dave you do appear to have that tool cinched in under your turning muscle. When you get that turning muscle fully developed it will be much easier to locate the tool. I look forward to seeing pictures of your natural edge bowl. Have fun, Dave!
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    NC Wood

    Thanks Nick, I looked about everywhere else but there...I didn't think to look under such an obvious heading as "Where are?":oops::roll:
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    NC Wood

    Does anyone have a link to the website for NC Wood? or a phone number? I misplaced the business card I picked up at the symposium in Greensboro. Any help would be appreciated....
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    Official 2008 pinup calendar contest

    Well, Mr. Monty, if you are in agreement I would be happy to create the montage whether I am in it or not....
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    Official 2008 pinup calendar contest

    I realize it is Steve's intent to have a separate contest for the calendar cover but I would like to suggest that the cover just be a montage of the 12 monthly winners with the NCWW logo. Just a thought..... Besides, Steve, it would save you some money; no thirteenth prize.:lol:
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    Design help needed...

    You could also use bottom mount drawer slides, you know, the ones that mount in the center of the drawer. You might have to use two per drawer since you would have no support on the sides.
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    Help with Cocobola

    It is said there are two kinds of people; those who are allergic to cocobolo and those that will be... I have had no reactions to cocobolo yet but some other people I know say that everyone will eventually succumb to its toxicity. John mentioned a slight tickle in the nose. I fear that is...
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    My first bowl (with DaveO's guidance/patience)

    Very nice job to both of you. The finish is extremely rich in appearance and looks silky smooth. Great job!!:icon_thum:icon_thum
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    I went to the Mount and met with the Master...

    Dave, that is a fine looking bowl. That wood is a lot prettier than I thought it would be when we were looking at in the rough. I am not surprised that it turned out a little out of round. Different chucks and rechucking is almost guaranteed to result in a loss of concentricity but it is not...
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    I went to the Mount and met with the Master...

    Dave is far too modest. The truth is he came with nice long tools and after I sharpened them he went home with short tools. It was so bad I had to throw in a few extra tools so he would not notice how much steel he left on the floor under the grinder. Dave, I had a good time. I think one of...
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    Happy Birthday Michael !

    Happy birthday, Mike! Have a great day!:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
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    Teak wood?

    The last time I bought some in the rough it was from the Raleigh Hardwood Center. I am not sure but I think I paid more than $16 a board foot for 5/4 rough sawn teak. It was beautiful stuff when I finally got it worked but planing that stuff ate up planer blades on my lunch box planer like...
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    Latest Endeavour

    Dave, at least you have one or more of your pens to write with...I have never carried one of the countless pens I have turned and have never written with one unless it was to demonstrate. I am too cheap and use a cheap ball point....:oops: Turning with me is a funny thing. As soon as I am...
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    Latest Endeavour

    I thought the wood cracked not because it got too hot in the car but because the brass tube got too hot and expanded causing the wood to crack. I have also always told people who have my pens to keep them out of the sun and don't leave them in cars. I dunno.....:eusa_doh:
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    Latest Endeavour

    Yep, that is the cat's meow. I like the contrast in woods. Nicely done, Jim!:icon_thum
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    Glaser Screw Chuck Where?

    Steve, the screw center chuck I bought came from Craft Supplies and I love mine. It is much easier to use than a wormwood screw in a lathe chuck. Looks like what I have pictured below, right? The Glaser is basically the same thing but much more expensive...
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    What I've been working on lately...Mo' pics

    Re: What I've been working on lately... I am not sure but I may have dated this lizard's mama in college.....
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    Sharpening Tools need help

    I will second, third, fourth, fifth my approval of the scary sharp method. I also was given a piece of plate glass for free when I told them what I wanted. Sandpaper use is an issue but the system does work well. I also bought a set of Norton ceramic waterstones and they are hard to beat for...

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