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    Need sawyer who can handle 60" cuts.

    I have a couple large pieces of B.W. and B.C. that I need slabbed. The Walnut is approx 54" wide at its widest point. The wood is located near Pilot Mountain but could be moved to another site. My mill is nowhere large enough and I don't have enough experience on my Alaskan to slab something...
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    A shout out to Ivey

    Had the chance and privilege to meet Ivey over the Thanksgiving weekend and bought some beautiful cypress from him. No matter if you live in his area or not...give him a try. He is an absolute professional and a fair businessman. Thanks Ivey! I look forward to visiting you again in the near...
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    Woodtek Website?

    Anyone know if Woodtek has a website? Dad has one of their lathes and I am trying to find couple parts for it. Thanks, Rod
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    Found on Craigslist...A must have!!!!!

    This is a good one. Enjoy!!! Rod ps-I have met a few people lately who need this.
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    Name That Wood................

    It seems that while amassing a small collection of turning blanks, I have lost, mislabeled or otherwise just forgotten a species or two…or maybe 3. So I come to you looking for direction. I come looking for wisdom, for I am just a mere novice when it comes to wood identification. The first 4...
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    Circular Saw Problems!?!?!?

    I have a Dewalt circular it about 10 years ago. It has worked fine up until recently...a few bumps here and there along the way...but always something I could fix. Recently I went to use it and found that it will not cut at 90 degrees. I have changed the blade, checked the angle...
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    Need fresh White Oak (24"+ Diameter) for non-profit

    I am looking for a piece of white oak to be used for building an apple press (cider press). Old Salem in Winston-Salem wants to make an 1800s authentic apple press and has approached me about a piece of timber. They want white oak...24"+ diameter and I'm not sure how long. I don't know why it...
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    Oak Lumber in Salisbury (Craigslist)

    Looks pretty interesting to me...wish I had time to check it out. Tracy (newtowood), this might be worth looking into. pe@ce, Rod
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    "lrb150" to "Rod"

    With the assistance of DaveO, I have formally changed my name or sign-in or call sign or whatever it's called to plain ol' "Rod" instead of lrb150. Thanks Dave for the help! I have also included what I feel to be a very heartfelt and emotional avatar (is that the picture thing?). No, you...
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    [How Do I-Main Site] Change my name on WW?

    How do I change my name from "lrb150" to "Rod". Do I have to start a new account? Thanks, rod
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    Thai Wood Species Identification

    I have quite a few turning blanks that are Thai species...directly from Thailand as a matter of fact. I have been told that the species are... Acacia Coconutwood Palmwood Oak Hevea (Rubberwood) So now I have to go back and take each piece (lots of pieces) and identify it. Any...
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    Met Mike Davis Yesterday

    I don't know if this is the correct format to post this, so sorry if I messed up. I just wanted to say that I met Mike Davis yesterday. He was good enough to invite me into his home and give me the 1930s bandsaw that he had. Of course the reason he invited me into his home was to show off his...
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    "Santa" Lumber Run

    Happy Monday all! I hope all you dads out there (and everyone else of course) had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. I got a Granberg Mini Mill and can't wait to try it out this weekend (side gloat). Approximately 1 month ago I wrote about doing some sort of lumber run down the mountain from...
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    [Problem-Other] emails for subscribed threads

    I don't receive emails for threads that I have either started or subscribed to. I checked my preferences and the box is checked for that. AM I doin g something wrong? Thanks, Rod
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    Picnic, Wood & All

    I have been away for a while but have been checking in from time to time. Recently I went on a thread to read about the picnic (5/16 I think?). At that time, it seemed that there was a shortage of wood for sale...both lumber and turning stock. I can't promise anything at this point, but I...
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    Best Literature on Finishing Walnut?

    I am working on a dining room table (walnut) and need some literature on finishing. I know nothing about wood finishing aside from the bowls and mallets that I turn. I have looked at books on the internet, but there are millions of them. Any suggestions? Again, I would prefer literature that...
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    Sharp Tools / Shop Safety

    I sucked it up and bought the Tormek...sharpened all the chisels to a razor sharp mirror finish. RAZOR SHARP! Last Wednesday I used the 1" chisel to cut a piece off the bottom of a bowl I turned for my wife...but DIDN'T use proper clamping/chiseling/safety technique. Friday I was in surgery...
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    Wood sources in Wilmington area?

    Anyone know of good sources of wood/tools/etc... in Wilmington besides Lowes and the tool store on Park? Thanks, Rod
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    Wood Species

    I just received an email from someone trying to figure out what kind of wood a certain table is made out of. She said, "It said the wood was makan wood - then hand-written, it said makan tau tree." Does anyone know this speceis or know where I can find some info on it? Thanks for your time, Rod
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    Seedlings for Reforestation

    I am partaking in a small reforestation project. A friend and I are planting around 500 trees on pieces of land that we have around NC and have just ordered the trees. You all probably already know about the seedlings that the NC Forest Service sells, but I thought I would send a note out in...

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