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    Someone was selling a Nova 16-? lathe

    Back a couple months ago someone had a Nova 16-44 (i think) lathe for sale here. Did it ever sell? If not please contact me. Thanks Dan
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    Cutting Board Design Software

    I am making some cutting boards for presents this year and was searching for some tips, tricks, patterns on the web and found a cool piece of FREE software. :wsmile: It's been real handy in spec-ing out the patterns and gives you all the cuts and boards you need for both edge grain and end...
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    Charlotte Walnut Run to Youngsville - It's a bust. :(

    I am disappointed to say that the lumber run didn't work out. First I want to say that everything nice that people have been saying about Charlie is all TRUE. :wsmile: He's a really nice and fair guy and he's very up front about the wood. No issues there. Here are the the issues I faced...
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    In need of a planer or sander.

    Need to use/rent a wide belt sander (time saver) or 30" planer in the Hickory or Charlotte area. I have a ~30 in. wide desktop that I need to plane or rough sand. Happy to pay someone for the use of the machine. I'm in Lincolnton, NC. Thanks Dan
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    PE Service Available

    I'll be going from Lincolnton, NC to Jacksonville FL Fri Oct 1st and returning Sat Oct 2nd. I'll have a 7x12 enclosed trailer EMPTY on the way down if anyone happens to need something moved to Jax. :dontknow:
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    WTB Rough Cut 6/4 Oak

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to buy some rough cut oak to re-deck my trailer. Obviously doesn't need to be of furniture grade since it's only for a trailer. I'll need 8" or 12" wide boards (or something I can make 8") as the deck is 96" wide. I'll either need: Twelve 18' and eight 10' boards OR...
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    Need a little curly maple.

    Anyone near Lincolnton/Charlotte have some curly maple they'd be willing to sell. Just need a couple board feet for a picture frame or two. Called KS in hickory and they are out and I just don't have enough on hand. Any thickness will do as I only need 1/4 so I can resaw whatever I need. I just...
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    Umm... If this is a how to... I'm done.

    Have some interest in making some signs and was cruising youtube. Like the title says, if this is this guys idea of a how to I'm dead in the water for sign making. :gar-Bi I'm guessing he's made a few signs before. :icon_scra
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    Sawing up some cedar.

    Thought some of you guys might be interested in seeing the "old school" circular sawmill in action.:gar-La; My buddy called me today and said he got a cedar to cut up. I am wanting to do a couple of interior walls of my shop (the bee room portion) in cedar lap/mountain siding. It was a nice log...
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    A little CL score (and a little gloat)

    I have been looking for another router to use as a hand held router. The 3.25 HP Freud scares me a little out of the table. :saw: I saw an add on CL yesterday for a DeWalt DW618B3 router kit. Said never used in box for $150. Also noticed it was a second post and was $200 before. So I went...
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    How many board feet?

    Ok, so the LOML now wants a country hutch. She found one she likes in Fine Woodworking magazine. She mentioned she'd like it in mahogany, so... I'd like to be pretty close board feet if I do it in a wood I have to buy. Would also take suggestions on other species that would look good. I...
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    Community Dust Collector???

    What do you guys think? We could all "pitch in" get this bad boy and work out a deal with the local authorities to use the sewer lines or something to connect ALL our shops :rotflm: 65,000 CFM should run a "few shops" right? :gar-La; Or better yet, it's on wheels... could accompany the Good...
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    Spam Poster

    Just pointing out the fact that limacchina <script type="text/javascript"> vbmenu_register("postmenu_258121", true); </script>has posted 4 times now and has contributed nothing IMO and has only spammed threads advertising her/thier cheap machinery and bits. Not a big deal to me personally as I...
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    First Project

    Well, I finally did "something" in the shop. :wsmile: My wife wanted a cabinet to store jars of stuff she cans. I had some oak lying around that came from an old log at my buddy's mill, so I figured I would give it a shot. It's not "fine furniture" but she likes it and it's square and level...
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    Old Iron Gloat

    I posted the other day asking about the Delta 28-350 20" Band saw. I read A LOT of info on the old iron site about the machine and everyone (at least there) seems to really like the machine, so I figured I'd go take a look. Well, from what I had been reading this machine was in real good...
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    Anyone have experience with Delta 28-350 BS?

    I have a lead on a Rockwell-Delta 28-350 20" bandsaw. Wanted to ask if anyone has one, has had their hands on one or knows about them. The man is asking $600 for it. Says it's in ex condition, but I have not gone to look yet. I've been pining over a band saw for a while now and just last...
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    Stumbled On a Few Planes

    Went home to PA for a family reunion and while there stumbled on a yard sale and picked up a few tools. Three of which are bailey/stanley planes. A No5 , No 5 1/4 and a 5 1/2. Don't really know the value of old hand planes but figured I wasn't doing too bad at $20 each. Don't know how much use...
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    Router bit advice.

    Need some input on router bits please. I am new to woodworking and just picked up my first router. Now I need to get some bits. (sad I know but I'm a wood newbie) :dontknow: So I have a few questions. 1. Are there "essential" bits that everyone should have? I only know a couple like a...
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    NEW Dewalt DW735 Planer $350

    The below add is actually for a Dewalt DW735. I picked up a router from the guy today and saw the planer. It's still packaged up NEW. The box is tore up but all the parts and the planer are still in the plastic in the styrofoam packaging. It will be one heck of a deal for someone looking. The...
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    Freud FT2000E Router?

    Going to look at a Freud FT2000E tomorrow and wanted to see if anyone had any experience or opinions on the router and if this may be a good buy or not. Deal is the router and table for $100. Thanks, Dan

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