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    Help Identifying Tree

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    wood, metal, horn, bone and antler project..

    this is for me, besides R/C model ships I build stuff (either stops me from going crazy or keeps me that way.) I built this crossbow a few years back, the steel bow was purchased,, a few years back my wife wanted a hammer dulcimer, bought a set of plans with the strings and tuning pins and went...
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    wood, metal, horn, bone and antler project..

    as the builder of strange things, I've started work on a 1470's crossbow replica.. getting the main works together, European hormbeam stock, antler parts for the release nut, the trigger(tickler) on this one was more complex than my mapp gas and vise forging set up could handle,, decided to farm...
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    I’ve heard of this guy ...

    guards up to show what is going on,, my large scale model ship build requires lots of long strips.. I have found this simple set up works great, the wedge splitter keeps the cut strip off the back side of the blade..
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    Wanted to buy - Ebony

    gilmer wood company ...
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    Leaf blower not working right

    I would check the exhaust port for build-up of crud,, I would check the in-tank fuel line to make sure it hasn't "gone soft" and is collapsing under draw,, check the filter on the fuel line also..
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    I was pleasantly surprised when my 10" Rikon deluxe resawed 4 1/2" of European hornbeam without a problem.. its very well made for small bench saw,, the 14" inch should be a very nice saw..
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    What is this tool?

    it's the tool for sharpening a "cork borer" the brass tube hole cutters,, the tube is rotated against the cone while thumb pressure is applied to the blade.. a set is nice to have for cutting gaskets..
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    Any reason this would not work?

    my 7"x 16" benchtop metal lathe uses a 500w brushless motor , lots of power , the trick might be in the belt and pully set up to get the speeds you want with the torque needed.. I've seen 750w kits with this type of motor for lathe upgrades.. (cost alot more but they are bolt up with belt...
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    hornbeam/ musclewood

    what size boxwood do you need?
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    Ironwood - Hophornbeam

    the high res photos allowed me to define the sections of the antler,, I drew the outlines and made several copies for "doodle" sheets to work on carving plans,, will have to include some 2021 imagery.. some photos of a steel bowed one I made a few years back,, the modern hex nuts have been...
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    Ironwood - Hophornbeam

    high tech of 1480,, horn and sinew composite bow,, 2 axis trigger mechanism,, bone and carved antler features.. some very good high res photos of this bow came out recently and even an X-ray of the lock mech,, I did dig into my antler stash and had some sections thick and solid enough to make...
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    Ironwood - Hophornbeam

    very good sir, thank you for all your efforts, it sounds like a very good chance at the correct billet for this medieval reproduction.. not the first one I've made , but do want to take this one to a higher level.
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    Ironwood - Hophornbeam

    I'm looking for a billet 2.5" x 3" x 30" of hornbeam Carpinus caroliniana I know this is on the large size.. thanks for any help..
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    hornbeam/ musclewood

    I'm looking for a strange piece of wood for a histroric reproduction,, need a billet 3" x 2.5" x 30" there are several different types of hardwoods that could be used but really wanting to stay with the 1450-1500s original..

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