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    Someone was selling a Nova 16-? lathe

    Back a couple months ago someone had a Nova 16-44 (i think) lathe for sale here. Did it ever sell? If not please contact me. Thanks Dan
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    Work Sharp 3000 $135 Sears

    Thanks for the heads up Ken. It's a great deal. Warning though to everyone DON'T TRY TO PAY WITH PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said payment didn't go thru and PayPal says there is a pending charge to sears. Sears customer service said that they MAY reverse the charge or the...
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    Walnut Finishing ??

    Scott, What you explain above (outside of the tint) is one of my favorite finishes for walnut. I usually just finish with amber shellac with not tint. IMO it brings out the natural walnut color nicely. I also sometimes stain it with dark walnut stain if I'm looking for, well, a darker finish...
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    Cutting Board Design Software

    Phil, You can do either actually. If you choose run it will unzip it wherever you tell it to and that's it, nothing more you really need to do. If you save it somewhere to your machine then you can just go to that place and unzip it. The only "advantage" to that is if something happens and you...
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    Hand wheel

    Joe, Not too long ago I did some machining on a hand wheel for Tarhead made by Grizzly. I bored it and fitted it to a bench vise screw for him. Although I can't speak to the end result, Mark will have to, I can say that it was pretty stout and would have enough mass for what you are wanting to...
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    Cutting Board Design Software

    I am making some cutting boards for presents this year and was searching for some tips, tricks, patterns on the web and found a cool piece of FREE software. :wsmile: It's been real handy in spec-ing out the patterns and gives you all the cuts and boards you need for both edge grain and end...
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    How vital is a planer?

    I use the planer and jointer on EVERY flat project. Getting a straight edge on rough cut lumber is essential even for ripping on the TS. Jointing two sides gives you two good sides, one for ripping and one for planing. Keep in mind the planer won't straighten a board out (unless you build a...
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    Delta Q3 on ebay

    Bruce, It's a little ways away. :wsmile: Other item info Item number:260688070509Item location:Venice, Florida, United StatesShips to:Local pick-up only
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    Another Thien

    Nice work Mark! I think you'll find it does a good job on the fines as well unless you are really overloading it, like when sweeping up and hammering big piles into it, or when it's full. BTW when it's full it will start to make the motor on the shop vac run hard and sound like the hose is...
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    Charlotte Walnut Run to Youngsville - It's a bust. :(

    Ok, I think I have everyone's money refunded in PayPal. I was able to issue a refund and PayPal refunded the fees so everyone will get 100% of their money back. Maybe next time it'll work out. :wsmile:
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    Charlotte Walnut Run to Youngsville - It's a bust. :(

    Sure... few points first though. First is this doesn't really represent what is there "on the floor". It's what has to be dug for at this point. That's not saying anything bad against anyone it's just fact. No one is going to walk in there and pull 100-200bf of USEFUL wood in 20 min. Second...
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  16. 2010 Walnut Run

    2010 Walnut Run

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    Charlotte Walnut Run to Youngsville - It's a bust. :(

    Oddly enough we did notice on the drive that it looks like it's a week or two behind up there. That or it's just that the tree species up there that have color are more prevalent. It actually reminded me more of where I'm from in PA.
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    Charlotte Walnut Run to Youngsville - It's a bust. :(

    Appreciate the understanding Bill. As for expenses I was gonna run up anyway, I got some wood, and it was a nice drive so I'm worried about that and count that as my own. Appreciate the offers I've had already on it though. :wsmile: For the honey it's expensive to ship, at least as much as...
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    Charlotte Walnut Run to Youngsville - It's a bust. :(

    Please read the first post. I have updated it. Unfortunately the lumber run didn't work out. :thumbs_do

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