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  1. Tarhead

    The Hardwood Store of NC Status

    Unless it's changed you need to be on the list. There are instructions somewhere.
  2. Tarhead

    The Hardwood Store of NC Status

    Have you tried Dixie Plywood? Klutz in Concord?
  3. Tarhead


    I use Glubots.
  4. Tarhead

    Titebond III

    It's a possibility. I gave you my best SWAG not seeing any photos or in person. For kiln-dried lumber near you check these out They probably run a weekly delivery route to local to you cabinet and boat builder shops. Call and talk to them: Beety Lumber 14130 US Highway 64, Manns Harbor, NC...
  5. Tarhead

    Titebond III

    If the cracks are in the glue joints it could be glue starvation. How tight are you clamping the glue-ups? If the cracks aren't in the glue joints your stock is too wet and needs more time to dry. Living in a humid climate shouldn't prevent it from drying enough to be stable. Even on the most...
  6. Tarhead

    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    Much cheaper at your local autoparts store.
  7. Tarhead

    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    This article is a good comparison of different rust prevention products. CRC 3-36 and plain WD-40 (not the WD-40 Corrosion Inhibitor) came out on top for both Cast iron and steel. The Best Rust Preventers - FineWoodworking
  8. Tarhead

    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    I find it at auto parts stores much cheaper.
  9. Tarhead

    Wood Stength vs Hardness

    Some of you youngins might not know about this: The Sagulator It does the calculating for you when designing shelves.
  10. Tarhead

    High End Equipment Sale in Salisbury on FB Marketplace

    Not mine. Keep scrolling if you don't like FB: FS30 w/Mortiser: Log In or Sign Up to View
  11. Tarhead

    Help needed for broken bolt in Bosch ros65vc sander

    I would use a center punch and make a divot near the edge of the broken bolt. Then hold it at an angle with the punch in the divot and tap it with a hammer in the proper direction to loosen it.
  12. Tarhead

    Tool question - Straight edge for table saw top alignment

    If you are just wanting to check the flatness of each wing make a master bar set. Care and Repair of Shop Machines
  13. Tarhead

    A "Quiet" vacuum?

    The $bags are a problem for me. I don't need them with the Fein+Cleanstream as nothing is able to trash the motor or shop air.
  14. Tarhead

    Gunter's List of USA made products

    I just got a virus warning on this site.
  15. Tarhead

    Help With Jointer- Coplanar Issue

    One of the best books you can own for a shop reference is John White's Care and Repair of Shop Machines. This section has his instructions for a Master Bar that can outcompete most high end, long straight edges and not cost a lot of money. It uses a series of 3 bars with evenly spaced drywall...
  16. Tarhead

    A "Quiet" vacuum?

    An advantage when I purchased my Fein Turbo2 was I can use an aftermarket HEPA Cleanstream filter on it and no bags. Dump the contents, hose off the filter and keep marching. I've run mine that way since ~2003-4 when I got it.
  17. Tarhead

    Fein Turbo II and Dust Deputy

    It slides over the float cage. There's a flexible seal.
  18. Tarhead

    Fein Turbo II and Dust Deputy

    I replaced the bag with a Gore Cleanstream HEPA pleated filter ~15 years ago. Best decision ever. I clean it when it gets full and it keeps on doing its job.

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