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  1. TracyB

    Toy Box plans

    Thanks for the input DaveO. Very impressive looking projects. I was thinking along the lines of frame and flat panel on the front and sides. I am not sure how to join the front with the sides. the only joinery methods I have used are pocket holes and biscuits. I don't want pocket holes showing...
  2. TracyB

    Toy Box plans

    My grandsons 1st birthday is coming up and my daughter wants me to build him a toy box. Since I have limited woodworking knowledge and skill, I was wondering if anyone has built one or knows of any online plans. I saw a picture of one in the Rockler catalog that I like but there are no plans for...
  3. TracyB

    red oak lumber

    Does anyone know the best place to get some red oak lumber in the Hickory/ Lenoir area? I need good lumber at the lowest possible price. Work is slow and money is tight. I want to build a piece of furniture for my daughter that she designed herself. Its a kind of storage cabinet with drawers on...
  4. TracyB

    Porter-Cable 690 router brush cover

    Hi rick, I did the same thing with a used router I bought on ebay. I dont know where you can go an buy the caps, I ordered mine on ebay from "lectric tool dude" I think what his name. He had caps ,brushes, and even the cord stiffener thing that always cracks on those routers. You know the part...
  5. TracyB

    outdoor finish

    I built an outdoor table out of pressure treated pine. I was wondering what kind of finish to put on it to keep it looking good and prevent graying. I saw some General Finishes Outdoor oil at Klingspor. Does anyone know if theis is any good or should I use something else. Any thoughts or ideas...
  6. TracyB

    Are You Coming to the 2009 Spring Picnic?

    Sorry, just noticed I left the "e" out of DaveO in the previous post. I promise to do better next time.
  7. TracyB

    Are You Coming to the 2009 Spring Picnic?

    DavO, I wonder if I could get more info on this picnic. I take its an outdoor event? Is it a food and fellowship event or is there more to it than that. Is it an all day event? I would just like to get a feel for what it will be like. Thanks, TracyB
  8. TracyB

    Are You Coming to the 2009 Spring Picnic?

    Where do you think the event might be held? It seems most of you guys are from the Raleigh area. Thats a pretty good ride for me. I would like to attend seeing as how I just joined the site a month ago. I would like to meet some of you guys. You are all such nice and friendly folks (and...
  9. TracyB

    Re-finish a baby crib

    Thanks for the advice. It is a factory crib with the name "KinderKraft" on it. It doesn't look very old either, so its probably imported, I would guess. It is a light color, like maple, honey, or pecan maybe. I know very little about finishes or colors. Since it is a factory crib. Would it be a...
  10. TracyB

    Re-finish a baby crib

    Hi everyone, My daughter is a mom-to-be for the first time and someone has given her a used baby crib that she wants me to refinish. I have never refinished anything in my life. The only finish I have ever applied is minwax stain and polyurethane. There are a couple deep gouges in the crib plus...
  11. TracyB

    Carved sign

    Very nice looking sign. You are very talented
  12. TracyB

    Birch Plywood @ Lowes

    I hate to ask a stupid question but, What is a BORG? I have seen several other acronyms on here that I have no idea what they are. I'm embarrassed to ask but I would like to know. Thanks, TracyB
  13. TracyB

    Another newbie making sawdust

    Welcome Patrick, I'm new here as well. I found this site a few weeks ago while being at home recovering from surgery. It sure has helped pass the time while I am unable to do anything. But it wont be long now. There really are a bunch of warm, friendly, and very helpful people on here. I'm glad...
  14. TracyB

    1 year since Travis Porter quit smoking tomorrow.

    Congrats to you. I know thats a very hard thing to do. I have tried several times and I always give in. I wish I had your will power!! Way To Go!!!! TracyB
  15. TracyB

    Applied bead edge for cabinet

    Hi Tim, I remember seeing some at Lowes in Lenoir.Not sure if all Lowes stocks it or not. they had several different profiles. I think they were all poplar, so would only work if it was a painted cabinet. Would it be possibly for you to rout the bead on the same species of wood and rip it on a...
  16. TracyB

    new crib for my latest grandchild

    Mark, thanks for your help. I am guessing that you can find those govt. standards online. I don't have turning equipment either. I was thinking about square spindles with rounded over corners. I never thought about not being able to find springs. I suppose you can find new mattresses? Would it...
  17. TracyB

    Greetings from Stanly County

    Hi Greg, Thanks for your service to our great country and welcome aboard. TracyB
  18. TracyB

    Gonna be a Grandpa!

    Hey everyone, Hope Santa was good to you all! The good Lord has blessed me with a grandchild to be born in April. Looks like I need to get busy. I was thinking about building a crib, changing table, cradle, maybe a rocking horse, etc. If anyone has any ideas on plans for baby items, I would...
  19. TracyB

    new crib for my latest grandchild

    Very nice looking crib Mark. Did you come up with the design yourself or did you have a plan to go by? I am going to be a Grandpa in April and I was thinking about building one too. I would appreciate any insight you may have. Thanks, Tracy
  20. TracyB

    Dovetail Jigs??

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I thought I had my mind pretty much made up. But now with all these fine suggestions, I am thinking about different options. I will have to think on it a little more. I threw out some hints to Santa, so I will have to wait and see if I have been a good boy...

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