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    New-Old-Stock Lie-Nielsen Tools

    Hi Matt, Thanks for your interest, but at the moment I would prefer to sell locally. You know shipping... karma, and all.
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    New-Old-Stock Lie-Nielsen Tools

    I've been away from ncwoodworker for awhile, but recently asked for help understanding the used tool market (especially LN) in the hand tools forum: As many said and I agree, the...
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    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Well, I posted them for sale on local craigslist. As many said, the current level of pricing for LN tools in new-or-close-too is more speculative than practical. Looking at the "Rules for the For Sale / Wanted forum" it appears that I am able to post there even though I've been away for 6+...
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    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Hey Everyone. Thanks for the background info on the current state specific to LN tools. Odd times for sure, and just another example I guess. -Kevin
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    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Sorry for being vague. I didn't want to make it specific to the tools I had, but intended to be of a the state of the used hand tool market question. But to be more specific, here are some examples of where to me things appeared a bit off the map... I have a pair of Left and Right No. 140...
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    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Hey Everyone, I've been away from woodworking and for about 6+ years. Used to be semi-active here with group-buy/lumber-runs and looking at my post history, the last post before this one was Jan 2015: The world of...
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    Aluminum for straight edge?

    Is that .003 accuracy with or without the light surface rust, subsequent removal, and follow-up paste wax deposits?
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    1st end grain cutting board.

    Looks great Chris. Excellent use of the sap wood in there too. Glad the wood worked out well for your project. -Kevin
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    Apothecary Cabinet

    Very nice. It fits the space well. We have a matching set of two Apothecary cabinets that my wife's parents brought from China. The drawer faces look nice, hand carved letting, I wouldn't have the patience to make them though.
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    Grizzly Cyclone New in Box $750

    Actually, that one is mine. If anyone is interested, I can answer any questions that you have. Its been sitting in my garage for awhile now, and was never installed. In fact, all I ever did was crack open the larger box to have a look inside but never took anything out. If someone here buys...
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    Grizzly 10% Off

    Hmmm... my email from Grizzly says: "Please enjoy this single use coupon" ... and my coupon code is different from yours and probably unique. You may want to suppress your person single use code if you plan to use it for yourself?
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    Reminder - Lumber run at Scott Smith's this Saturday

    Well at least it was bird's-eye chicken... at some time along in the processing of the protein.
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    Looking for a cyclone

    Hey, Have you found a cyclone already? I have a Grizzly 2HP model that I ordered but never installed, and was thinking of selling.
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    DeWalt Tracksaw Track Clamps

    HF digital calipers on my Dewalt Track Saw clamps read as 6.30mm tall x 11.69mm wide
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    Lumber run tomorrow

    So I see the adress as set to: 4310 Bennett Memorial Rd, Durham, NC 27705 So what time are you planning to arrive for those of use hoping for a drive-bye to see what additional stock may remain unclaimed?
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    Baltic Birch sheetlets (© BAS)

    I could use a few pieces for baffles an amp cabinet I'm looking to build. Would only need a few, say 5? Just let me know if that works for you. Thanks, -Kevin
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    BT-3000 on Raleigh CL

    No problem at all, simply show the data that you referenced. I don't think that they purged the old early days internet for a new one. Also, there is an entire forum dedicated to its use by owners/users... not Ryobi run to my knowledge. From what I've seen it's not a collection point for...
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    Groupon at Direct Tools (Mebane) $30 worth $70

    Well... went ahead and bought one. Not sure if they even carry what I'm looking for! I'm sure when I stop in they'll have something. :wink_smil
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    Groupon at Direct Tools (Mebane) $30 worth $70

    Is this the same place that carries the Rigid spindle/table sander? And if so, anyone seen how much they sell them for? Thanks, -Kevin
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    Mobile Base oops

    OK, got home and checked. The wheels are hard plastic. The levers are a hard rubber. Here is a quick set of pics taken with my phone: (Excuse the sawdust, I'm a huge mess in the garage at the moment)

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