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  1. skysharks

    Lift top coffee table hardware

    Hey folks, awhile ago I purchased a lift top coffee table. I have loved it since. Now comes the time for me to build one myself. I really don't want to take apart my existing one(plan on giving it to a family member). SO I was wondering if anyone here has built one and if so any recommendations...
  2. skysharks

    Need help Id router bits for this

    Hey Everybody I have been tasked to reproduce a few cabinet doors, however they need to match this profile on the stile and rails. [/IMG] Anyone help me out, do you recognize this setup? If so please let me know. I have a short suspense on this, so I will need to order the bit set and then make...
  3. skysharks

    Bandsaw blade welding repair, where not to go

    I have done business with this establishment in the past. Called them up over a month ago to see about having a 2 Lennox trimaster bandsaw blades repaired.(They had broken and just needed to be re-welded.). I was informed that they would have to trim off 1/8th inch on both ends in order to weld...
  4. skysharks

    Where to get bandsaw blades welded?

    Hey everyone. Just broke 2 lenox carbide bandsaw blades. Anyone know of a place local that I can get these fixed at?
  5. skysharks

    Spiral cutter heads

    It took me a while but as of Friday I have completed my shop upgrade. What I mean by this is that I have installed a spiral cutter head in both my DJ20 8" jointer and now my Woodmaster 718 planer.:eusa_danc:eusa_danc:eusa_danc The first thing that I noticed was the reduction in noise level...
  6. skysharks

    Earlex 5000 and latex Paint

    Hey all, just a quick note to share a tip about spraying latex paint. I had read somewhere about this little trick and it works great. I have the Earlex 5000 and soon will also own the Earlex 5500. So I am making cornhole board games and had to apply paint. Try this: Try mixing polyacrylic...
  7. skysharks

    Byrd Shelix Cutter head Installed DJ20

    Hey all. Well it happened, I took the jump. I bought and installed a Byrd Shelix Cutter from Grizzly on my Delta DJ20 8" jointer. Wow is not a good enough adjective. Talk about smooth. Easy install. took me a bout 1 1/2 hours total time. No more setting knives for me. Quiet and performs...
  8. skysharks

    DJ20 with byrd head anyone?

    I am thinking real hard on replacing the original 3 blade cutter head with a byrd helical head, and am looking for some guidance. Anyone out there been thru the process? thanks Mac
  9. skysharks

    spiral cutter head for woodmaster 718

    Hey all. I am thinking of changing in my blades for a Spiral Head for my woodmaster 718. Anyone out there that maybe has been through the process that could help me out? Thanks Mac
  10. skysharks

    QS Red Oak and Black walnut ply source?

    Hey folks. I have some case work that I need to do, so I need some nice ply. Looking for black walnut and qs red oak plywood. Anyone know where the best place to get this from coming from the Fayetteville/Eastover area? Thanks in advance. MAc
  11. skysharks

    Hard wood flooring matching old to new

    Hey all I have just completed a long needed repair to some flooring joists,( 1950 house, which HAD a low spot caused by old water damage) So since the crawl space's height is not exactly great that would facilitate working under for that kind of work. I removed everything from the inside of the...
  12. skysharks

    In Search of Unfinished Maple flooring

    Hey all I got a job to do and was wondering if anyone knew of where to look for Maple flooring. I mean the same sizing as the Red Oak flooring. And not from the Borg's please, Lol 3/4 " thick tongue and groove, yada yada, etc. Thanks MAC
  13. skysharks

    Conquered the Fear

    Hay all. Well I finally overcame my fear/hesitation of building chairs. I always had shied:embaresseaway from building them, you know the fear of the unknown. Silly, really I guess, however it did stop me from attempting it for several years. Here is a quick pic of the completed chair I...
  14. skysharks

    Tools on Fayetteville Craigslisting cheap

    Hey all, if your in the market you may want to check Fayetteville's Craigslisting under tools Ryobi Planer 200.00 2HP Dust collector and accessories 150.00 Not mine but I thought...
  15. skysharks

    WHo repairs Bandsaw blades?

    Hey all, I thought that I would ask the clan who might know where to get a lenox Trimaster bandsaw blade re-welded. I was doing some re-sawing today, on about a 6 1/2 " piece of walnut. I needed to narrow it down from 1 3/4" to 1 3/8" thick. SO instead of planning it all off I was re-sawing it...
  16. skysharks

    Need Help with Delta DJ-20

    Hey all I am in need of some personalized one on one help with my Delta DJ-20 8" jointer (older Model) I am hoping someone near my location will speak up and be willing to come over.:eusa_pray I need to be shown how to properly set it up, set the tables, change the blades etc.:wwink: Thanks MAC
  17. skysharks

    Help ID'ing Screw

    Hey all. I have been comissioned to replicate some dining room chairs. There 12 of these screws per chair. I am to build 4 chairs, so I would need 48-50 of these guys. Please take a look at the pictures and see if you could help me out in locating them. roughly they are 2 3/4" long, Shank is...
  18. skysharks

    Is this Maple?

    Hey folks Take a look at these pics please and confirm/dispute the species. I thought that it was Maple, and maybe it is. However while milling it produced a spaghetti like chips out of the planer like Cypress does. Soft Maple maybe? Thanks MAC
  19. skysharks

    Impact drivers

    Hey all It has come the time that I need to retire one of my Dewalt 18v drills:5sigh:. (own 2 of them) I was thinking instead of replacing it with another, that I would go the route of an impact Driver.:eusa_thin:eusa_thin So what I am trying to achieve here is to see what you all think about...
  20. skysharks

    Dining Room Chairs -Plans?

    Hey all Well last year I built my wife a dining room table out of Walnut. This year she gets the chairs.:eusa_danc However I have not built any chairs of that style before. Only chairs that I have built have been Adirondacks.:eusa_thin Has anyone got a set, or can turn me in a good direction...

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