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  1. Scwood

    An update

    If any of you recall, I posted a little while ago that I started my own woodworking business.I have been pounding the pavement trying to get work.About a month ago I finally landed my first order.It was a entertainment center out of birch.The customers came to me with a picture of what they...
  2. Scwood

    Finally taking the plunge!!

    Hello everyone!I have been awol for sometime now,I have had a lot going on.About a month ago I lost my job of 3 years because my boss didn't pay me for 3 weeks straight.So after spending 2 weeks in a dark hole trying to figure out what to do I finally got out and started looking.I stopped by my...
  3. Scwood

    Blank Casting

    I'm just curious if anyone here has made their own snakeskin blanks? I have been reading up on the subject and the only problem I can see is air bubbles if you dont degas the mix with a vacuum pump.I really dont want to invest in a vacuum system.If anyone here has any input or words of wisdom I...
  4. Scwood

    Has anyone tried....

    Has anyone tried the new coffee blank on a gatsby kit? It is supposed to look like this... ...But my first one chipped on both ends(freshly sharpened tools) and wile sanding the second it went right down to the tubes.I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or is it just me?
  5. Scwood

    What wood is this

    My company recently bought out a lumber yard that went out of business 2 years ago.We got alot of cypress,Pine,walnut and popular.On a side note yall would have cried like I did over the THOUSANDS of board feet of nice lumber (cypress and pine) that was left out to rot.But to get back to my...
  6. Scwood

    Butcher Block heartpine table

    My company tore down a old farm house last November and this is what I did with a little of the wood.Im not sure what finis I will put on it yet.Yall let me know what yall think on how it looks
  7. Scwood

    Cypress entertainment center

    Let me know what yall think.
  8. Scwood

    Cabinet cutlist program

    I found a great little cutlist program from a local guy.For the money its one of the best cutlist programs you can get.Its not a sales tool like cabinetvision but more like a tool for cabinetbuilders. Here is the link if your interested.
  9. Scwood

    BLO finish

    I made this little desk top pen holder out of Amboyna Burl and I'm thinking about putting BLO on it.I would also like to maybe put some pre-cat lacquer over the oil.If that does not work what would go over the BLO and hold up? I have only used BLO with the ca glue finish and really like how the...
  10. Scwood

    My latest Project

    Well after 2 months of working over after work and a Saturday here and there its finally done. Its all made out of solid Cypress.The top is 1 3/4 thick and the legs were all hand turned on the lathe.I used a ipswitch stain and a special poly called D-Dure.(stuff runs $90 a gallon)Enough talk...
  11. Scwood

    Amboyna Burl question

    We all know that Amboyna Burl can be turned,but I need to know if anyone has made any other kind of projects out of it.I got an order for a pen holder out of Amboyna Burl.Im gonna use a piece that is 2"thick and 6"x6".I need to make like a stepped block with a concaved dado on each step for the...
  12. Scwood

    Bowl Question?

    Is it possible to turn a bowl with out a chuck?Besides the spur center I only got the faceplate that you can use screws to attach.I have already bought my limit of equipment and jigs as allowed by my old lady.Any advise would be helpful.
  13. Scwood

    Penn State sale

    If anyone has this month catalog,look on the back cover they have a heck of a deal.Basically if you buy a high end kit(Majestic,olympian,Apollo) you get the accessories kit for free.That averages around a $20 savings.Just thought I would pass this on.
  14. Scwood

    Some pens of mine

    Deer Antler Acrylic
  15. Scwood

    Some furniture pics

    Out of saplee
  16. Scwood

    Last kitchen I did

    All out of Cypress that was logged off the plantation
  17. Scwood

    Hey Yall

    Hello everyone.I just wanted to say and introduce myself.I am from South Carolina and have been a cabinet maker for 13 years.For the last 2 years I have been working for a company that builds multi-million dollar plantation homes.I have the pleasure of doing all the detailed...

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