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  1. mquan01

    Motor for what kind of machine?????

    I believe Leneave is still around. Give them a ring
  2. mquan01


    just brought my 3rd batch of five...
  3. mquan01

    Acrylic Sheets

    You can order direct. Like jcrk stated, if you order by 10 or so they typically have it the same day
  4. mquan01

    Forgot to trim before gluing

    tablesaw. Cut two sides all the way through, 2 about 1/32 short of all the way through. then hand cut those with a pull saw and trim up with a plane.
  5. mquan01

    Bunk/loft bed hardware

    Kids will find a way to break everything :) we used these and I mad it tjt you had to pound in with a rubber mallet so that they couldnt easily lift them apart.
  6. mquan01

    font size

    check your zoom. Hold down the CTRK key and use your mouse wheel to increase/decrease the zoom
  7. mquan01

    Sawstop Ordered, Options?

    - ICS mobile base - if you have this base are you happy with it? Do you move your saw very often? I have one with my saw, and used it only once. it worked just fine that one time
  8. mquan01

    Custom shaper cutters

    Try the Moulding source in Mooresville. They may already have the cutter and can run some through for you.
  9. mquan01

    Powermatic Table Saw Casters

    Use a hand truck to lift the edge up, then put a block under it while changing the wheels
  10. mquan01

    Wood ID??

  11. mquan01

    How much is quarter sawn red oak worth per bf?

    Current prices at the Hardwood Store 4/4 Red Oak 3.45 3.35 3.25 3.15 Eastern US and Canada; light to medium brown with a reddish cast. Commonly used for cabinets and furniture due to it's durability. 5/4 3.75 3.65 3.55 3.45 8/4 4.35 4.25 4.15 3.90
  12. mquan01

    Electrician - Bath fan

    power could be as simple as a tripped GFCI outlet
  13. mquan01

    CEDAR 6" X 6" X 10'

    Near Monroe (east side of Charlotte), check with Brandan Smith (704)244-7195 or he will custom cut for you
  14. mquan01

    Chess Board - Advice - Help

    pics of the bowing would help
  15. mquan01

    Can this adjustment screw be replaced

    I bought this a long time ago and pulled it tout to refurbish. At the time I didnt realize the screw was stripped (i did know the knob was missing). Its a Bailey # 4
  16. mquan01

    microwaving wood

    for a small piece, i wrap it in tinfoil then slow cook in the oven
  17. mquan01

    Look what I get to do this weekend

    fter reading those instructions, I would have them send someone out.

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