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    Crossgrain moulding

    I recently built a spice box that needed a fairly large ( for the size of the piece) crown moulding at the top. The case is solid dovetailed and would expand and shrink over its 12 inch depth. One way to handle the crossgrain of the crown is to glue on the moulding at the front of the case and...
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    Great Customer Service

    In the spirit of the holiday season in the midst of a pandemic I want to report two instances of great customer service I’ve had recently. I really value retailers who go out of their way to be helpful. 1)Horton Brasses: Back in early November I ordered a set of hardware for a spice chest from...
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    Shop furniture--chisel chest

    Another project from offcuts and shorts that have been taking up space. I have had chisels rattling around in drawers all over the shop and wanted to gather the ones I use regularly into one place. I have to keep the chisels under cover since I don't have climate control in the shop and a tool...
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    Mary May free livestreaming

    Mary May is doing free livestream carving lessons while the corona crisis has classes and events cancelled. She does an hour every weekday at 1 pm. To get the livestream and the archived streams you go to or the App Store for your platform. Download the free app, sign up and search...
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    Foot tool?

    Here’s a link to a video by Ed Hobbs about a foot powered lathe he restored. Some of you may know Ed from the M-WTCA meeting at his farm in the fall just outside Raleigh.
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    Handworks 2020

    Looks like Handworks is putting on another event in Sept. The website is open for registration. Got the link from Lost Art Press blog
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    Spring joint video

    This is one of the clearest explanations of the spring joint I’ve seen. I have used spring joints on every panel I’ve glued up for years. Well worth the little extra trouble. Just make sure when you open the two panels for glueing you do it book-fashion. That’s what the triangle mark is for...
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    Jorgensen 6-pack clamps

    These clamps that have been posted about are available at the Winston Salem LOWE’S store on south Peters Creek Pkwy (behind the Lidl store next to Walmart). I bought some this morning and I counted 12 packs left. Hint: they are not in the tool dept—they are on aisle 45 at the back of the...
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    Half-size chest

    After building a couple of full sized pieces in cherry I had a stack of short boards sitting around. Too nice quality to waste. I’ve been wanting to build a chest from a Lynch measured drawing but no place for it. So I decided to go for a half-size version that could be purposed for a jewelry...
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    Arts and Crafts Dresser project

    Recently completed a 7-drawer dresser for my son. I had built him a A&C style spindle bed and night stand about 9 years ago and he wanted to have a matching dresser. I had saved the templates I used on the original project corbels and incorporated that shape into the new design using cherry as...
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    Repairs on DW635 planer

    Last time I changed knives on the Dewalt 735 I found a pile of dust building up under the blower port. I took the blower housing outer half off and looked for damage or cracks but couldnt see any problem. Cleaned up the dust and reassembled it all. About a week later I was planing and noticed...
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    Rule joints, hinges workshop

    I see that Bill Anderson is offering his rule joint and hinge workshop at Woodwrights school this summer. I took this workshop several years ago and it is outstanding. Bill is the best on fitting tight clean rule joints. Participants make a rule joint, a wood swing-leg hinge and learn to fit...
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    Aromatic cedar questions

    I’m thinking of using aromatic red cedar for a drawer bottom for a dresser. The drawer is traditional construction with front and side grooves for a raised panel bottom. I’ll have to glue up the panel to get the depth of about 18 in. I’ve never worked with red cedar before. Any glue...
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    M-WTCA tool meet

    The fall M-WTCA tool meet is coming up at Ed Hobbs’ farm just south of Raleigh on Sept. 22. Great opportunity to buy sell or swap hand tools. There’s a variety of people selling and trading from high dollar collector tools to low cost user grade. Oh yeah there’s barbecue and fried chicken...
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    Nice wide cherry

    I went by the Hardwood Store today looking for some 12” plus cherry for drawer fronts on a dresser I’m building. They opened up a fresh pallet of wide stuff for me. I got a couple of 14” wide boards and an 11” with nice red color. 4.95 a board foot. I thought it was a good price for the...
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    Rabbet plane rehab

    I bought this skew rabbet plane a few years ago planning to fix it up for use. Didn’t get around to it until now. It has a sound body and a serviceable iron but the wedge is not original and does not fit so it works very badly. It was a nicely made plane at one time. It’s marked Mathieson...
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    Back to desk project

    I took a break from posting on this project because my progress has been so slow. With wife's travel plans, holidays and weather interruptions it has been intermittent shop time. But here's where I am The bottom of the desk was moved in months ago and is in use waiting for the bookcase...
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    Furniture repair in WS

    Looking for recommendation on experienced repair person near WS to repair a glue joint failure (clean break) on the drop leaf of a solid wood dr table. The drop leaf is a glued-up panel of 5 to 6 inch wide boards and the outermost board broke at its glue joint. Clean break of a butt joint with...
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    Starting desk/bookcase project

    My wife has wanted a slant front desk and bookcase for a while and I decided I better get started before I am too old to move the parts around in the shop. We visited MESDA and looked at some examples and settled on a hybrid of several Krause desks from the 1790's. There is a Carlyle Lynch...
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    Workbench storage

    About ten years ago when I built my bench I thought this has a nice space for some storage. Every time I finished cleaning up after a project I thought I ought to build some drawers under there. The article a couple of issues back in FWW finally got me going. I used some leftover cherry...

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