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    A few new additions

    I have gotten a few new additions over that last couple weeks so I figgured to make one combination gloat. The first one is a Grizzly 15 inch planer. I had already purchased a Dewalt when I backtracked returned it and went ahead and got this one. It was delivered in perfect condition and it...
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    Can not decide

    I currently have a Ryobi lunch box planer thats actually given me great service but its starting to show its age. I am starting a new project so I figgured I would go ahead and buy a new planer. I did some research and decided on the Dewalt 735 and actually have it sitting in the back of my...
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    A christmas present for the FIL

    Well awhile back, I was able to pick up a mini-lathe used for one of Tom's reviews. I just could not resist the opportunity to get the FIL started down the turning path. Knowing that he would need to keep the lathe in the garage (and his garage is cleaner than my kitchen) I decided to make a...
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    Bedroom finished

    You may remember the bed I finished a few weeks ago. And the dresser I have now completed the nightstands and actually finished the set. I do still have a computer desk to complete, but I will wait a bit for that. I'm not sure what you would call its construction since it incorporates...
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    Bedroom continued....

    You may remember the bed I finished a few weeks ago. This is the continuation of that theme. I'm not sure what you would call its construction since it incorporates both faceframe and what I would call furniture elements. All I know is it is very sturdy. I have not done the drawers or...
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    Daughters bed

    Well I finally got a start on my daughters bedroom set. Started with the bed, but I intend to build the set including 2 nightstands and a dresser which I will be making next. I still have not decided on the finish, I am pulling for a natural finish, but the wife and daughter want a darker one...
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    Hawk scrollsaw on Craig's list

    Found a Hawk here RBI Hawk Scroll Saw > I seem to remember someone wanting one of these. Forgot to add the price of 400.00.
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    Craigs list Wormy Chestnut

    Was wandering in an unusual place on craigs list (for me anyway) and saw this: Completely finished and sanded 3/4" x 8" x 10' beautiful wormy chestnut boards. 32 Total planks - barn-stored and protected for many years. $1,500 ($8.00/per board foot). Pick-up only (Concord, NC). Please respond via...
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    For the want of a few pages

    A couple weeks ago I bought the December 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine. I typically don't grab that one, but the cover mentioned building a solar kiln which I have been reading up on. I set the magazine aside and picked it back up last Friday and began searching for the kiln...
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    A new box

    I made this box for my son's girlfriend. The wood is walnut and cherry and while I think it turned out decent, I sure learned a few more things. One being that solid brass hardware is very costly. I wish I had a better camera set-up so you could see it better, but alas I can't ever seem to...
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    I have been saving my change for awhile now looking to purchase a new tablesaw. I was mainly looking at a Delta 3hp unisaw. Now I see that Jet has this offer going [JET 708663BK] Jet 10" 3HP Cabinet saw JTAS-XL Includes Bosch 1617EVS Router, Router Plate, Base, and Cabinet which for 1099.00...
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    Pen/Pencil and a question.

    I bought a bag of pen blanks from Woodcraft the other day and got some wood that I do not recognize. I went ahead and turned a couple and really liked how it turned, it was like butter it cut so smooth. The wood seems a bit oily also which may explain it. So would anyone care to enlighten me ...
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    What would you suggest ?

    Pretty much all my woodworking has been using power tools, but I have seen where a good hand plane could have really helped. I really have no idea where to start. What I'm asking is....If you were going to buy 2 or 3 planes, what would they be ? (not necessarily bargain basement, but no...
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    DeWalt Planer on Craig's List

    Found this DeWalt Planer on the Columbia SC Craig's list. At 150.00 asking it seemed in good shape and a very good deal. This is not mine. I just saw it there.
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    Craigslist find

    Just saw this on the Charlotte Craigs list The Grizzly bandsaw looked like it may be a steal with the blades riser and carter guides.
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    Tenoning jig

    I was able to take advantage of Woodcraft's sale of this jig. And while I had not read much about it, I have to say I am impressed. The directions seemed well written and the unit is very solid. I was able to get it set up for my unusual saw in hardly any time. It sure added alot to my...
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    Pen/Pencil set

    My first attempt at this and while it seemed easier than I had thought it would be, I still had some issues. I had problems estimating how close to stop the turning to the barrell's to allow it to be exactly the correct size after sanding. Is there a general rule to this ? I was using several...
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    China hutch (finished)

    You may remember me asking about this.... Well I started with my representation of it. I had to alter it's original diminsions to fit my spot, but I hope I have kept the overall look of the piece. It's still a work in progress, but here is where I'm at. As usual please look past my paltry...
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    How would I do this ?

    This looks to me my next project. But as it will be my first time with something like this, I was wanting to get some thoughts from you guys. I intend to do a frameless construction (a first for me) and pretty much all of it looks reasonable except the sides appear to be a framed panel...
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    So, after seeing this

    So, after seeing this I really liked some of the designs listed specifically this bedroom set. I had been looking for ideas for a bedroom set for my daughter, so I decided to build a test piece...

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