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  1. ebarr

    Entertainment centers

    This is what I did to mine.
  2. ebarr

    Where can I find a cheap blower motor?

    Do you have 120 or 240? I have a blower motor out of my old AC unit that can not be converted to 120.
  3. ebarr

    New member from Durham

    Welcome Tim. I am in North Durham
  4. ebarr

    Black Walnut Hope Chest for my neice

  5. ebarr

    my nephews wedding gift

    The end that you blow in is the burl maple.. Cocbola is the part you cup in your hands.
  6. ebarr

    my nephews wedding gift

    My Nephew is getting married in a few weeks. He is an avid hunter, so I decided to turn my first call in several years. It didn't turn out to bad. The picture is not the greatest. The barrel is maple burl and the stopper is cocabola I think, it was a scrap I had in the shop. PS...yes I...
  7. ebarr

    Anyone ever stabilized their own wood?

    I used a large mason jar and a home vacuum sealer. Left in in about a week and they turned out ok. I started with the equivalent size of a duck call blank but ended up cutting it up after the process into pen blanks. Need to turn a call for my nephew so I am going to try this process again
  8. ebarr

    Welcome post

    Welcome Matt...I am in Hillsborough also (well more north west side of Durham) but have a hillsborough address.
  9. ebarr

    Sapele Toy Box done FINALLY!!!

    Bas, Several coats of walnut danish oil and some rub on poly. Gave the parents some left over danish oil so they can repair the scratches as they happen
  10. ebarr

    Sapele Toy Box done FINALLY!!!

    After the hinge disaster. I ordered the correct hinges from Rockler and the little diva is a happy girl.
  11. ebarr

    My progress...

    looks very nice. where do you get your supplies from? what are you using to finish them?
  12. ebarr

    A Few More Turnings~!

    I turned a few pens with a satin CA finish. I really preferred them to the high gloss
  13. ebarr

    Help!! Hinge advice

    The lid itself is 32 x 19 roughly 3/4 sapele. hinge placement is per the instructions. It appears that the force of the rods and the material of the hinges simply caused the lid to push up and back. Bill, Those were the closures that I originally went to get. But was told that when the lid...
  14. ebarr

    Help!! Hinge advice

    I am making a toybox for a very good friend of ours. Everything was going wonderful until the last few days. First I snapped a drill bit off flush with the wood when predrilling the holes for the hinge screws. 5 mins later when carrying the top out of the way I hit the edge of my bandsaw and...
  15. ebarr

    Pen Making Questions

    I have several thicknesses of CA. Keep in mind that although pricey you will finish ALOT of pens with one bottle. I use the titebond ca, it has a screw cap and I have never had an issue with it drying up in the tip. I also keep mine refrigerated (that came from the titebond rep) don't know if...
  16. ebarr

    Golden Mallet winner

    Congrats to Mike. He deserves this award.
  17. ebarr

    What is it?

    looks like a knurling tool
  18. ebarr

    Spring Picnic date & location

    Something has always come up and I have never been able to attend. I am going to do everything I can to make it this year
  19. ebarr

    New transportation!!!

    Welcome back to the riding world!!!! Wife and I went on a ride today.
  20. ebarr

    Doll bed kinda weekend

    This was my first experience using the Kreg system. I was pretty impressed with the ease at which you could achieve a decent joint. I got the small wooden plugs to hide the screws but opted not to use them. By the way wifey already asking for some pink baskets for the bottom shelve

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