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  1. zapdafish

    maybe a nova 1624 for $135?

    pretty bad picture, looks like it might be the motor part. not sure if the rest of the lathe is blurred and in pieces in the background
  2. zapdafish

    Carving mule and tools - interesting listing
  3. zapdafish


    Saw these in Fine Woodworking. Last time I checked they were out of stock but looks like they solved that problem. These fall into the I wish I thought of it first. lol Still debating on whether to upgrade since the attachments I have now work pretty good. It's not a cheap upgrade but I just...
  4. zapdafish

    220v extension cords

    I have a 220v heater that i would like to move 4-5ft further than the plug will allow. I saw some dryer extension cords that I think will work but a quick google of that seems to say don't do it. I don't particularly want to get an electrician to run an outlet closer to where I need it. I do...
  5. zapdafish

    veneer sources

    Wondering where some of you buy raw wood veneer from. I bought some from JoeWoodworker to try and also got what he listed as "balance veneer". Problem for me is the balance veneer I got looks too nice, lol. I browse around on ebay some too, just looking for some other sources to bookmark.
  6. zapdafish

    beeswax and naptha

    I made this concoction a long time ago to make sure cauls dont stick and started slathering it onto my workbench so I could do glue ups right on the workbench. I'm starting to run low and before I make another batch want to know if there other alternatives? This mixture is pretty flameable so...
  7. zapdafish

    Anyone need a saw handle? 2k +

    Assuming 2k+ of them and not the price
  8. zapdafish

    How do I square this.

    Doing a dry fit here and am not sure how to square this. I've seen alot of videos on how to check for square with a diagonal measure but not what to do if it's out of square. There will be a back which is not yet cut so I will have access to just one side. I'm assuming angle the clamps in some...
  9. zapdafish

    Stop the Bleed

    I took this class last night from my firearms instructor and thought it might be something woodworkers would be interested in. Main reason I took it is I drive between WS and Gboro everyday and never know when I might need it. We work with very sharp objects and one slip up can be disastrous...
  10. zapdafish

    whats this drawer style called?

    looking to do something like this where they are easily removable and not sure what to google for ideas, thnx
  11. zapdafish

    looking for recommendations in the triad area for someone who can make leather Morris Chair cushions.

    I was the lucky person that messaged Dan Bowman first about his Morris Chairs. Looks like all I need to do is some final sanding and apply finish so am looking for a cushion maker in my area. Thanks
  12. zapdafish

    this good for scrollers? W-S facebook
  13. zapdafish

    pre finish question

    I am doing a dry fit before glue up and am wondering if it's ok to apply finish now. About 2-3 inches around the joints while I have everything clamped up. The sides/legs are all glued up. The dry fit are for the two horizontal boards Plan to use tried and true varnish oil. overall project
  14. zapdafish

    Do you put anything over Milk Paint?

    Tried it and really like it. Just not sure if I should put some poly over it for some protection.
  15. zapdafish

    cant get rid of old site url

    When I try to get to the new site in chrome I start typing and it autofills I hit enter then it redirects me to which no longer exists any idea how to get it to stop? I have to delete everything to the...
  16. zapdafish

    insulated garage doors question

    Does anyone have insulated garage doors? So far the best quote has been for Amarr (R19) and am wondering how useful it is? I read a previous post about heating a garage and looks like the first step is get everything insulated first. My previous house had uninsulated and I cut pieces of...
  17. zapdafish

    bowsaw question

    I want to cut concave curves in 2 1/4" thick ash. Wood length is about 28 inches and curve about 1 inch from the edge so it's not a very sharp curve. Normally I'd do it with jigsaw but after watching some youtube videos thought I'd like to try it with a bow saw. Will be cleaned up afterwards...
  18. zapdafish

    water pressure question

    I tried watering my lawn and the pressure is pitiful. I have an oscillating sprinkler and it has a reach of about an 8 ft square. My spigot looks like the picture I attached. Is there a chance that cap on the top will allow me to increase the flow? If not what are my options. will a plumber be...
  19. zapdafish

    resawing QS white oak question

    Whats the best way to get flat 1/2" thick QS white oak. I resawed a 5/4 board into two pieces and the following day it had cupped pretty badly. It was stored overnight with ample air to reach both sides of the boards. To re flatten it via jointer / planner / sander / handplane would have...
  20. zapdafish

    Klingspor father's day promo

    I signed up for their emails and got a $10 off $60 for Fathers day promo code. NCWW discount was also applied. Happy owner of a new Veritas saw.

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