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  1. hoodoo

    Ordered in February and it finally arrived

    My first "big boy" tool. I think I am more impressed the 220v outlet I ran actually worked more than receiving the jointer.
  2. hoodoo

    WEN has some comedians on the payroll

    Picked up a cheap biscuit jointer to help align a large panel glue-up. Was flipping through the manual when I saw this:
  3. hoodoo

    New House, New Projects - Built-in Bookshelves

    Wife and I decided it was time to get a bigger place. A new house means new projects. First one was to turn the formal sitting room into a sorta library. Thus the built-ins. Room before: Room after: EDIT: Added link to more pics: Built-ins
  4. hoodoo

    Fair Price for these tools?

    A friend is selling these tools. I want to offer him a fair price but I haven't the slightest clue as I am used to purchasing items new. I am most interested in the planer but I have no idea the make/model. I have asked him to get me any markings or information from it.
  5. hoodoo

    SawStop on Fayetteville Craigslist

    I wish I had the cash. If anyone in Fayetteville snags it I would love to check it out. - 220, 1phase table saw w/ outfeed table & accessories - $1717
  6. hoodoo

    Farmhouse table cover

    My mother would like for me to build a farmhouse tabletop that will rest on top of the current table in her dining room. I am not great with coming up with my own plans. I can modify existing plans ok, but whenever I use a design from my head, it it never comes out as planned. Does any one have...
  7. hoodoo

    Completed End Table and Cooler Enclosure

    So... long story short, my house was broken into recently and it sidetracked some of my projects. The good news is I tracked the thieves down and they were arrested. Once that ordeal was behind me I finally completed two of projects on my list. Here is the end table I built to match the coffee...
  8. hoodoo

    Delta tabletop Band Saw - Good deal?

    Keep in mind I am extremely new to woodworking and I really don't even know why I need one, but I saw this on Craigslist: Is that a good price?
  9. hoodoo

    Tree Branch

    My wife had me cut some branches off a tree in our front yard. One of the branches in particular was special to my kids (twin 8 year old girls). They have been hanging and climbing on that branch for the past five years. I would love to take the branch and make something special for them. My...
  10. hoodoo

    Garden Bench

    I made a garden bench using plans from Steve Ramsey from It is very sturdy and once the white paints it I think it will look great as well. 5-12 EDIT: Here is the complete bench. I really wanted to write something on the top slat of the back but decided against...
  11. hoodoo

    Newbie from Fayetteville

    I am extremely new to woodworking. I have made only crude tables until the coffee table below. It is a Lego coffee table made from plans at It is far from perfect but I learned a lot making it. Now the wife wants an end table to match, as well as a few more projects...

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