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  1. AudreyO

    Cabinet Shop Yard Sale TODAY In Wilmington

    My mom just called and said that there is a cabinet shop closing on 3rd and Greenfield (downtown Wilmington). She said they had lots of nice equipment wood etc. Just passing it along.
  2. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    A while back, DaveO posted about the butterflies and flowers he was cutting out for Reins From Above Butterfly garden. I have been painting away on them. I tried to find his old post and add to it but after going though 20 pages I gave up! Anyway, here is what they look like with paint. He will...
  3. AudreyO

    Can't stop burning wood

    I am having a lot of fun with wood burning. Dave fixed me up a piece of buggy poplar and I played around with it a little today. Anyway, I will post what I have done so far. If nothing else, I am having a great time. I want to look into the more transparent paints Brian was referring to...
  4. AudreyO

    First Woodburning Project

    I "sort of completed" my first wood burning project with a $20.00 woodburner I got from Michaels. I have painted before but am new to the woodburning. I have always been a fan of company called "Sticks" (if you google sticks it comes up). Dave sanded me a 1/2" well planed quarter sawn beech...
  5. AudreyO

    Horse Intarsia wanted

    Hello all, I am DaveO's wife and he instructed me to log on and request what I wanted instead of making him do it :). I really like intarsia work and would like to give the lady that runs the charity I volunteer for a piece for Christmas. She does amazing work running the charity "Reins From...

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