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  1. Ralrick

    Workshop Update Help

    Is anyone in the Raleigh area interested in doing some shop updates and want to trade helping each other for a day? I'll be installing a new Sawstop and putting in some overhead dust collection ductwork and could use some help for a day. Anyone interested in trading help in the shop for a day...
  2. Ralrick

    Need Switch Cover For Delta 10"Drill Press

    Anyone know if that is the same switch cover to fit the Delta Model 17-965? Mine broke last year and I fixed it using some epoxy and wood pieces but would take (and pay) for the printed one if I can confirm it is the same part. I ordered the Grizzly part as it looked the same in the online...
  3. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    Hey Chris - the deck is about 900sq ft. with about 300sq ft covered by a deck above and 600 exposed. Even with direct sun in these 90*+ days, the Ipe is still cool enough to walk on with bare feet and was one of the reasons we chose this product over a synthetic. For cutting, standard carbide...
  4. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    Dave - here are a few pics of the finished deck but we have not put down the oil on it yet. Really nice rich brown/red tones come out after applying a coat of oil based on our past experience. I’m really happy with the 3/16” spacing and the Camo screws are almost undetectable unless you are...
  5. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    Hey Bill - The Ipe is incredible dense - I’ve heard 3x more dense than white oak and it is very heavy. Almost feels equivalent to stone in weight. As for the color, I did some stairs from land to our dock in Ipe and we keep the nice red/brown color by applying a light coat of oil. It’s very...
  6. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    Based on my research, you can use either stainless or steel screws with Camo and Ipe. The steel screws will discolor the wood but based on where the screws are, you would never see the discoloration. I still went with Stainless screws. They were about $100 including tax/shipping from Amazon...
  7. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    Dave - I decided on using American Cedar and Millwork out of Raleigh. They had a premium brand of Ipe, Ironwood. They also had great customer service including delivery that included unloading and placing the wood where needed onsite at Lake Gaston for us. The online sources all mandated I...
  8. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    I ended up using 1/8” spacing at the ends. It looks good and gives me some peace of mind in case there is some movement. For installation, I decided on the Camo edge installation system. I didn’t like the look of the clips and the Camo system would allow a board to removed/replaced if needed...
  9. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    We are installing a new deck using IPE (Brazilian Hardwood). We're using a 'picture framing' type layout with a boarder board and then a board perpendicular to the house at each support column that will then create the frames around the horizontal boards. I'm using 3/16" gap between the...
  10. Ralrick

    Forgot to trim before gluing

    The drawer fronts are 5 3/4” tall. Looking at it this morning, I’m wondering if running them across the jointer would work?
  11. Ralrick

    Forgot to trim before gluing

    I'm making a cabinet for my brother that is going to have a part of the cabinet with 9 drawers (3x3). When I made the drawer components I made them slightly taller than needed and figured I would trim all the components at the end before gluing. Well, as the title says, I glued the drawers...
  12. Ralrick

    Sawstop Ordered, Options?

    I was told estimated delivery was August 13
  13. Ralrick

    Sawstop Ordered, Options?

    I ordered a 3hp Industrial Sawstop this week and wondering if I've chosen the best options. Anyone that has a sawstop, please let me know if you have options that you think are valuable to you. I ordered: - 36" version (I have 52" PM-66 now and don't believe I need the 52" version) - ICS...
  14. Ralrick

    WTB incra miter gauge

    I have the 5000 and was planning to sell it. Here is a link to details on Amazon...
  15. Ralrick

    Shiplap in the shop

    That looks great! Was this shiplap from a big box store? How thick is it?
  16. Ralrick

    wood cost

    Not sure if anyone would be interested in this but we are replacing a large deck with a stone patio. The wood is only about 10 years old and about half of it is covered by a deck above. If interested in the wood, you are more than welcome to it. The structure is all 2x8's and the floor boards...
  17. Ralrick

    Cigar Travel Box

    I’ve wanted to build a small travel box for cigars and accessories and finally designed and built it. Walnut sides, oak top/bottoms and SOSS 1” hinges. I made the top compartment for the accessories with Kaizen foam and a sliding top.
  18. Ralrick

    Help with re saw

    I’m in North Raleigh and pretty convenient to most parts of Durham (Creedmoor/Norwood Road intersection if you want to get an idea of travel time). Happy to let you use my BS to get that done. Just let me know if you don’t find anyone closer.
  19. Ralrick

    SOSS hinge - how do I remove press fit

    I did get it out. Used a piece of sheet metal to protect the edge and then mounted the other side of the hinge in a scrap piece of wood using screws. Was then able to pry out on both sides. I think it bent the hinges but save the wood. Live and learn ......
  20. Ralrick

    SOSS hinge - how do I remove press fit

    I was doing a test fit on some soss hinges and thought I was done. Unfortunately, I got the shape well fit but didn’t quite have it deep enough. Now I need to figure out a way to remove the hinge without damaging the walnut case? Anyone done this before and have a good idea how to remove? The...

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