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  1. skysharks

    looking for a unisaw rail and mobiel base trade

    I just checked and Yes I have a shorter brand new rail. It measures 43". Let me know if this will help you out.
  2. skysharks

    looking for a unisaw rail and mobiel base trade

    I have the the same one, and I believe that I have the shorter rail. Let me double check and I'll get back with you.
  3. skysharks

    Lumber run opportunity

    I'm in for walnut and maple, 100 bd ft apiece
  4. skysharks

    Lift top coffee table hardware

    Hey folks, awhile ago I purchased a lift top coffee table. I have loved it since. Now comes the time for me to build one myself. I really don't want to take apart my existing one(plan on giving it to a family member). SO I was wondering if anyone here has built one and if so any recommendations...
  5. skysharks


    If you could find your way to Eastover, we could do the resawning together. I have everything that is needed. You are more than welcome.
  6. skysharks

    New in Fayetteville

    Nice looking piece. I like the color combo. I Live real close to you, in Eastover. I could probably help you out with finding stuff. Send me a Pm and we can exchange numbers.
  7. skysharks

    Tablesaw Blade recommendatiion

    Chris it's funny that you said this. For years I had always gone with raising my blade just above the cutting surface. Then a few years ago I had a woodworker school trained from Germany informed me that they always raise their blades up high. His reasoning were the same as you indicated. 1...
  8. Kitchen corner unit

    Kitchen corner unit

  9. First segmented bowl

    First segmented bowl

  10. First Mantel

    First Mantel

  11. skysharks


    I have a woodmaster 718. I've owned it now for atleast 2+ years. I just recently installed a spiral cutter head on her. Man what a difference. Glass smooth now. I believe you can order them with the spiral heads now. I like mine allot. However like Jeremy stated a bit on the light side. But...
  12. skysharks

    Resaw needed

    If you could find your way to my side of town. I could probably help you.
  13. skysharks

    Need help Id router bits for this

    Hey Everybody I have been tasked to reproduce a few cabinet doors, however they need to match this profile on the stile and rails. [/IMG] Anyone help me out, do you recognize this setup? If so please let me know. I have a short suspense on this, so I will need to order the bit set and then make...
  14. Stiles


    Stiles from 1993 cabinet I need to match
  15. skysharks

    Track Saw Users?

    I have had a Makita track saw with both sizes of tracks for several years now. I absolutely love it. Cutting off bottom of doors to breaking down sheets of plywood. I even use it to give me a perfectly straight cut when I am dimensioning rough cut lumber before I get to the jointer. Great tool.
  16. skysharks

    Hello from Fayetteville

    Welcome to the family. We are close well I live in Eastover, which is close. Stop by sometime or drop me aline if you need help.
  17. skysharks

    Bandsaw blade welding repair, where not to go

    These are the 1/2" blades. They had been doing fine. I understand about the wheel size. I believe originally that I was not tension ing them correctly(too much). But this whole thing has nothing to do with metal fatigue. This is about the #### poor customer service and attention to detail.
  18. skysharks

    Bandsaw blade welding repair, where not to go

    Just thought that I would update this post. To say that I am a bit frustrated and @#@#@#@ off would be an understatement. The establishment is RALEIGH SAW. Kevin is incompetent. I finally received the second blade. After rendering 2 Lennox trimaster carbide tipped blades useless by cutting...
  19. skysharks

    Bandsaw blade welding repair, where not to go

    I didn't want to name the establishment out right, for fear of upsetting our harmony here on this site. I believe that quite a few of our members do business with this establishment. I will not be one of them after this plays out. I did find out yesterday after repeated calls ( four) that they...
  20. skysharks

    Bandsaw blade welding repair, where not to go

    I have done business with this establishment in the past. Called them up over a month ago to see about having a 2 Lennox trimaster bandsaw blades repaired.(They had broken and just needed to be re-welded.). I was informed that they would have to trim off 1/8th inch on both ends in order to weld...

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