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  1. Gofor

    Acid corrosion removal

    A couple of recent threads on using citric acid or vinegar as a rust remover has brought to my mind a question concerning hydrogen embrittlement. While I was working in the aircraft maintenance field, one thing we were taught was to never use acid on high strength steel parts due to the...
  2. Gofor

    Decks and Ramps Question

    Building a 40' handicapped ramp for my BIL to use. It will have both an 8' x 8' landing at the door, and a 8' x 6' landing at about the halfway mark where i need to make a U-turn due to space limitations. My question for you deck builders: What size hot-dipped galvanized through bolts do you...
  3. Gofor


    Not wood working: For those who work on electronics, where do you source your components? Right now I am in need of a few aluminum electolytic radial lead capacitors to fix a TV set. I am having a hard time finding 500v 2uF 105'C capacitors. I live in Wayne county, but would like any...
  4. Gofor

    Sharpening lube

    Just wondering what cutting fluid everyone uses on their whet stones. Having switched to DMT DiaSharp diamond plates (from wet/dry paper on granite)for most of my tool sharpening, I was using a water/dish soap mixture. The problem with it is that if there is any oil at all on the chisel or...
  5. Gofor

    Good miter saw

    Looking to buy a new miter saw. I managed to destroy the blade guard on my 26 yr old Craftsman 8 1/4" slider. and find that parts are few and far between for that model (no blade guards for certain). It has been a phenomenal saw for me in accuracy and capacity (although it won't handle 4"...
  6. Gofor

    "Sliding table" jig (picture heavy)

    In a recent thread, Mike (Patlaw) asked that I post some pictures of a table saw jig I use to establish a straight edge on rough or bowed lumber. So, I decided to start a new thread. This is a jig I made about 8-10 years ago and that has seen a lot of use. It is made of mostly readily...
  7. Gofor

    Insulation Question

    My shed reaches temps around 104 - 109 during the summer mid-day hours. With fans, windows and doors open I can get it down to the high 90's most days. It has a white metal roof over a plastic membrane on OSB sheathing. I plan to put in R-19 single faced fiberglass roll insulation, but due to...
  8. Gofor

    Shop wiring

    Yep, another question about electrical on a wood forum! I passed the inspection on my shed wiring today, but the inspector and I had a discussion about one item: I have two separate circuits running to two different outlets that are housed in the same box. Reason is for plugging in both a...
  9. Gofor

    Another Shed Wiring question

    Pulled the electrical permit for wiring my shed/shop today, but have a couple questions: The wiring will be stranded AWG12 THHN run in EMT. I plan to have two 20A circuits for the North and West walls (alternating outlets), and another two for the east and south walls. If I understand the...
  10. Gofor

    Seeking Bench Grinder Opinions

    I am currently on "light duty (lift no more than 5 lbs) with 4 more weeks of a 6 week sentence. So, to occupy myself, I have started going through my inventory of cutting tools with the objective of getting them sharp and ship-shape. In doing so, I realize that I do not have a basic machine...
  11. Gofor

    Cutting installed tile

    Looking for advice: Wife has a new microwave on the way that is 2" taller than the one installed when the house was new. I have since installed a glazed porcelain tile backsplash (3/8" thick tiles) using thin-set as the adhesive. So, I am left with two choices: Option 1 is to cut and remove...
  12. Gofor

    14" Rikon & Dust collector

    My neighbor is going to sell his Dad's 14" Rikon bandsaw and a 1hp Rikon dust collector. From what he tells me his dad was a tool buyer, not user, so I expect them to be in very lightly used if not like-new condition. I have yet to get an eye-ball on them, but he is probably going to list...
  13. Gofor

    Gutter Debris Shield

    Found a new-to-me concept for keeping trash out of my gutters. Having previously lived 25 yrs on the Gulf Coast, I have tried screens and louvers, only to find the live oak leaves and pine straw made it necessary to still go up and clean the mess off them every year. The years there also gave...
  14. Gofor

    Workshop ideas

    After working out of my garage for 10 years, finally bit the bullet and now have a shed: "]http://[/URL] Next steps are flooring and electric. Any suggestions as to best floor for a woodworking shop? This will be a work-in-progress for a while depending on available time/budget, but need...
  15. Gofor

    Bedrock 606: opinions wanted

    A couple weeks ago my niece and her husband gave me this: After 72 hours soaking in penetrating fluid, another 12 in Evapo-Rust, and a little more TLC, it now looks like this:, . Problem is that the iron and chip breaker looks like this: . So, I bought these to replace them: . But, when...
  16. Gofor

    Ash borer in Wayne Cty

    Just a heads up. Wayne County, NC has just been put under quarantine for the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. No parts of an Ash tree can be taken out of the county. Bad news as they seem to be spreading. Go
  17. Gofor

    Food Prep Surface Advice needed

    Building a roll-around cabinet for kitchen. Top is QS white oak, 24" deep x 44" wide, and will be treated with mineral oil so that it can be used as a food preparation surface. Would like advice on whether to put breadboard ends on it or just leave exposed end grain. The breadboard ends would...
  18. Gofor

    Drawer slides

    Where is the best place to purchase Blum (or good equivalent) slides? I live near Goldsboro, so Raleigh is about as far as I would road-trip, but have no problem purchasing on-line. LOML has me building her a roll around cabinet/island for the kitchen. She has seen the wooden drawer...
  19. Gofor

    Step Stool

    This is a step stool I made for a SIL who wanted it as a present for her grandson. He needs a little height adjustment for when he brushes his teeth, and she wanted his name on it so he could start learning how to spell it. Made it from wood of one of the first trees I cut and slabbed out with...
  20. Gofor

    DiaSharp questions

    :confused:I am finally going to break down and get some good diamond "stones" - like these:,43072 Background: Currently using the scary sharp wet-dry paper method for most sharpening of chisels and plane irons. Am using diamond and...

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