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  1. Flute Maker

    Woodcarving Books Free….Spoken for!

    I have a stack of woodcarving books… Instructional and some have patterns in them. These are books not magazines….I’ve had them for yrs and they are like new….unused. I thought I was going to do some carving but never did… If interested message me! If no interest they go in trash.
  2. Flute Maker

    Who Took Over?

    Who took over Is this the guy that was recommended on here that was highly recommended and had great product for great price? I think you had to buy at least 5 from him.
  3. Flute Maker

    For Sale Simple Hollowing System (Trade for Turning Tools)

    This has been used very little. I don’t use it. It is just getting dusty. It comes with swan neck hollowing tool which was extra $150 shipped
  4. Flute Maker

    Ever Seen or Use one?

    Is this too good to be true? I have at times could really have used one...
  5. Flute Maker

    Looking for a Cordless Dremel or other Brand

    I am looking for a cordless dremel, a Worx tool or some other brand like the dremel.I looked at the dremels in our big box store and they look like junk or were too big and bulky...I want a small one but not a craft type one or one you cut dogs nail nails with but one that will do a little...
  6. Flute Maker

    Wanting a Vacuum Chuck for Woodturning

    I am sort of contemplating a vacuum chuck to be used in my woodturning.. (Thanks Charles for bringing the need to know what I would use this for to my attention!). Don’t feel like putting together or making one….too many things already to do. But I would like one maybe someone started and...
  7. Flute Maker

    2" Hook and Loop Sandpaper....Abranet? Best deal

    I am getting low on sandpaper.I mainly use 2" hook and loop for flute turnings. I have just a mix of different sandpaper.....I think I like the abranet the best. What do you guys like the best? I had just a few pieces of them but think I will order some.Where is the best price on the abranet...
  8. Flute Maker

    Powergrip Jaws and Nova 2" Jaws for Trade/Sale.....Very Open to some Kind of Trade

    I have a set of Powergrip jaws that have been in my shop for a number of yrs.I might have used them one time on my Nova SN2 but I sort of doubt that. Also have an extra set of Nova 2' Jaws and an extra worm screw. I am look to trade for a good bowl a Thompson or Dway but am open...
  9. Flute Maker

    Router Chamfer Bit to V Bit

    I need to make a long V block... I have a 1 5/16" chamfer bit with the bearing.Can I take the bearing off and use it like a V bit safely? Never even thought about this until now.Dont want to buy another bit if this is safe to do.TIA! Definitely want to be safe!!!!!
  10. Flute Maker

    Elderberry Wood Branches Wanted

    I have a potential customer wanting a flute made from elderberry wood.From what Ive read it is mostly prepped for a flute by working the soft pith out of the inside with some handtools...drills, rods etc. I googled it and Mr.Google said there is some in NC near marsh lands creeks etc. I am not...
  11. Flute Maker

    Cloudy Finish over Inlay

    I did an inlay with turquoise small stone ...more like dust. I finished around the cut out area with Minwax clear satin spray can poly. Then I put the turquoise powder in the cut out area inlay...I used small tubes of super glue like you get at Lowes. After filling it in I sanded it down...
  12. Flute Maker

    Making a Fence for Delta 14 Bandsaw

    I have a 14 Delta bandsaw with the riser block. I just wanting some ideas on making a simple fence. I dont use it a lot but want something a little better than clamping a board to the table. TIA
  13. Flute Maker

    Delta/Rockwell Multi Tool for Trade/Sale $250

    I have a Delta Multi Tool.......Drill press,Tablesaw and Jointer Al of these work. It just takes up to much space in my small shop and I dont use the jointer or tablesaw. TIt isnt really large though I just want to trade for a good Benchtop drill press. I have extra parts for the drill press...
  14. Flute Maker

    WTB or Trade for Mini mill

    I have always wanted a mini mill.I know this is a shot in the dark sort of but if you have one you want to sell or if you know where the best deal is let me know. Not a big industrial type but more like the Grizzly 8689
  15. Flute Maker

    WTB Lathe Duplicator

    I am a flute maker and would love to have a lathe duplicator for my Jet 1642...something like the Vega D36 or maybe some other model would be great.Or if you had started making your own and gave up on the idea and want to sell what you have started or if you have ideas that would help me that...
  16. Flute Maker

    Lathe Duplicator for Jet 1642

    I came across a topic on another forum where a guy was wanting a duplicator for his lathe..He showed this video and it got me to thinking . Hmmmmm I would love to rig up something to fit my Jet 1642.....sometime ...... It would be a time saver for me Im sure. I didn't know the Shopsmith had...
  17. Flute Maker

    Google Master Needed Lol

    I am looking for either a 11/16" or 3/4" forstner bit with a small 1/4" shank. (Be good to have both)I was thinking about 11/16" just in case I have a flute blank that is a little off. I have bored a green one and then it move a little bit. as it dries... It happens once in a while..It might...
  18. Flute Maker

    Sort of a Specialty Drill Bit Extension

    I use a a gundrill to bore the blanks for my flutes.The gundrill has a point on just like a regular drill...pointed. On this particular flute I am making I cant drill the inside completely through because I need to leave a plug inside at a certain place ....I usually drill from one end to...
  19. Flute Maker

    Sanding Bowls

    I seem to always have trouble sanding bowls. I tried sanding with the lathe running but it wasnt good.So I have gone to sanding by hand going with grain or the way it appears I need to sand. (I am always hesitant to sand a bowl...ran into the same problem with having sanding marks showing) The...
  20. Flute Maker

    WTB Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

    I am looking at cross slide vise for my drill press to do one light milling operation on my flutes.. I look at the ones online and wonder what is a good one.It would be on an old heavy Delta Rockwell drill press. I know ideally it would be good to have a light milling machine but cant justify...

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