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  1. eyekode

    In search of ~24" diameter cross section of hardwood

    My wife has put in an order for another table like this: Any suggestions on where to find another slab like this? The original is about 4" think and probably ash. I don't really care...
  2. eyekode

    Need suggestions for finish on funky end grain table

    I have almost finished sanding my funky end table: It will sit on my mostly covered front porch. When it is super windy some rain may splash in it. Also in some seasons I need to be careful to avoid mold as under the porch gets very little sun. I have spent hours sanding the top to really...
  3. eyekode

    End grain table: how to stabilize checks?

    About 5 years ago a friend gave me a disk cut from a tree he had taken down. This weekend I got around to flattening it. There are some checks in it, but they don't go all the way through. I was debating how to stabilize them. I could do butterflies. But was wondering if just epoxy would be...
  4. eyekode

    Kitchen island progress

    A couple months ago I asked for feedback on a kitchen island design. Here is the old thread: As a follow-up I have completed most of the project. Some pics: The carcass is plywood. The drawers are dovetailed...
  5. eyekode

    Kitchen island take 2

    We are in the process of redoing our kitchen which includes bumping out the back of our house for a little more room. I have a GC doing most of the work but I am on the hook for the island. Here is the general layout of new kitchen: As you can see we are planning seating on two sides of the...
  6. eyekode

    Kitchen island: design ideas

    We are planning on bumping out the back of our house adding ~5 feet to our kitchen and creating a new office. This will give us room to add a larger island and hopefully a coffee bar. I plan on making the new island and coffee bar. The rest I will leave up to contractors. Hopefully you guys can...
  7. eyekode

    Simple beer tap handle

    Quick and fun little project that combines flat work, turning and simple chip carving: IMG_4842 by eyekode, on Flickr IMG_4842 by eyekode, on Flickr IMG_4842 by eyekode, on Flickr It is a gift for a friend's birthday. I hope to deliver today and have a beer or two :) Let me know what you think...
  8. eyekode

    Cherry Mirror frame

    I finally finished making my last present.. for last Christmas :). It is a simple cherry for a mirror. Drawbore tenons on the top and wedged through tenons on the bottom. The finish is BLO, poly and mineral spirits: Untitled by eyekode, on Flickr by eyekode, on Flickr Untitled by eyekode, on...
  9. eyekode

    Cherry breakfast table

    I am sad to say it has been a few years since I completed a project. But this Nov I started on a small table for our breakfast nook. The nook gets some sun and I thought cherry would do well there as it ages and deepens in color. I really wanted curly cherry but I couldn't find any stock nearby...
  10. eyekode

    My first pen-cil

    It has been a while since I have been able to make any wood chips but I finally got back into my garage this weekend. Here is the result: Black Palm/CA finish Hopefully my son will finish his first one soon too!
  11. eyekode

    Small logs for totem pole

    I am in need of some smallish logs to make a totem pole. My kids and I do the y guides program and in our second year we make a totem pole as a tribe. Here is the totem pole I made with my my oldest daughter as an example: Ideally the...
  12. eyekode

    3" locking casters 7.97 at HD

    Looks to be normal price. This was in Apex. They don't look quite as nice as woodcraft's but the price is right.
  13. eyekode

    Some Christmas bowls

    First up is the last large bowl from a tree I started working on over 3 years ago: I tried but couldn't give this wood away :). Next is a piece of sweet gum. Not my best turning but the wood makes up for it: Merry Christmas all! Salem
  14. eyekode

    Help with sanding end grain cutting boards

    I am located in Apex and have a couple end grain cutting boards that need to be sanded for Christmas presents. Anyone in the area around this weekend and willing to let me run them through your sander? I am more than willing to throw in a couple bucks for supplies. Thanks! Salem
  15. eyekode

    What grit am I on?!?!

    Tis the season for making Christmas presents so I am sanding bowls (oh joy! :(). I always seem to forget what grit I am using. Man I wish sanding pads were marked. I have suffered from this problem for years. Today I finally had enough: A strip of Velcro and a strip of painters tape. Done...
  16. eyekode

    Great Lakes casters: lathe and bandsaw

    I have a small garage shop with some pretty big tools. All are on wheels except for my bandsaw (18" jet) and lathe (jet 1642). The bandsaw I didn't really need on wheels but the lathe is a pain when turning bowls if I want to bring the headstock to the tail end to give more room to avoid...
  17. eyekode

    Arg!!! rust!!!!

    Got a surprise today. I worked in my shop/garage last night and all was well. Came home from work and a thin layer of rust was all over my TS :(. Took me about an hour and a half to clean it all up. Watch out for those cold nights and warm days! Salem
  18. eyekode

    Calling all clamps!

    Really it is only about 1/2 of my clamps :)
  19. eyekode

    A quick project with my daughter

    This weekend my oldest daughter Zoey (10) was dying to make something. She enjoys crafts so this is not an uncommon situation. But this time she wanted to make something out of wood (a first!). So we spent a little time searching for a pattern and we settled on some nesting elephants. An hour...
  20. eyekode

    Scraps of marine ply?

    I am looking for some small scraps of marine ply. Preferably 1/2". I can use as small as 3"x5". Thanks! Salem

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