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  1. Jim M.

    New user Bear Creek, NC

    Welcome Mick!
  2. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday farmerbw

    Happy birthday! Brian
  3. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday Bobby g

    Happy Birthday Bob, enjoy your day.
  4. Jim M.

    New Member in Durham

    Welcome Joe, its a great bunch here.
  5. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday Pop Golden

    Happy Birthday Pop!
  6. Jim M.

    Froglips aka Jim Campbell

    I will always remember Jim for the great pictures and stories he'd share from some of those shop crawls, he certainly was one of the biggest champions of getting members together. Be at peace brother, you're in God's hands.
  7. Jim M.

    Poplar Desk for the Mrs!

    Very nice work! I bet it made the boys proud to have helped in the process of making mom a desk.
  8. Jim M.

    New guy in Raleigh

    Welcome Mark, it's a bunch here.
  9. Jim M.

    Lost my mom

    So sorry for your loss Danny, she will live on forever in your heart and memories.
  10. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday bowman

    Happy Birthday Neal!
  11. Jim M.

    Canoe - Finished (finally!)

    Beautiful work, Donn, the seats and detail work are spectacular.
  12. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday McRabbet

    Happy Birthday Rob!
  13. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy Birthday Charlie!
  14. Jim M.

    Resanded my workbench- looks better now

    Wow! That's a beautiful bench.
  15. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday Skymaster

    Happy Birthday Jack!
  16. Jim M.

    Passing along the love

    I thought flip-flops were Hawaiian dress shoes!
  17. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday gator

    Happy Birthday George, hope your day was fun.
  18. Jim M.

    Your New Board of Directors

    Congratulations to the incoming board, thank you for volunteering your time and talent.
  19. Jim M.

    Passing along the love

    Wow, that's so cool. My grandfather lived just down the road, I spent hours and hours with him in the shop or on the water, he taught me everything thing I know. So glad you get the same opportunity with your grandson.
  20. Jim M.

    Happy Birthday NCWW

    Thanks so much Steve! Happy Birthday NCWW!!!

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