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  1. Tarhead

    High End Equipment Sale in Salisbury on FB Marketplace

    Not mine. Keep scrolling if you don't like FB: FS30 w/Mortiser: Log In or Sign Up to View
  2. Tarhead

    Deal on a 24" Centauro IRS Auctions Roxboro

    If you hurry you can get the deal of the year. This 24" Centauro(MiniMax and Laguna) is on auction in Roxboro ending at 1:30pm today. READ THE FINE PRINT AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR LOADING INTO A FLATBED TRAILER! Add ~$500 for a 3hp phase converter...
  3. Tarhead

    Rust Alert!

    Rust Alert! Our current temp is 42f (Charlotte Metro) and the dew point is 41f. Our afternoon temps are expected to get up in the 60-70s. With warm moist air coming in from the gulf, the dew points will be increasing. If you don't heat your shop don't open up your doors/windows this afternoon...
  4. Tarhead

    Jackson Int. in Fuquay?

    Are they still in business? Streetview shows other businesses at their old location. Thanks!
  5. Tarhead

    Hitachi 12v Charger vs Used up Batteries in Charlotte

    Anyone in the Charlotte area use a Hitachi Mini Driver or drill using 12 volt batteries and a charger like these? The light won't come on or charge and I need to figure out if it's the charger or batteries. Thanks!
  6. Tarhead

    4" PVC Pipe Free on Charlotte CL

    Not mine: 4” PVC pipe/ Tree Stand - free stuff
  7. Tarhead

    Last Chance for Ash? Lumber Run in Charlotte?

    This is from the NCWW Facebook: Henrichsen Wood · 4 hrs · We are looking for a buyer for several thousand board feet of Ash and Sweetgum for a client of Henrichsen Wood. This is a great deal for anyone who wants to buy a lot of roughsawn beams for the same price...
  8. Tarhead

    Boardsmith Wins "Best Endgrain Cutting Board" from

    Some of you may remember when NCWW member David Smith started making cutting boards in Thomasville. David has since retired and the company has continued but is now outside of Dallas, TX. I saw this in a "foodie" newsletter I get. Congrats to David for getting some well deserved recognition...
  9. Tarhead

    Free Rolls of Laminate on CLT CL

    Not mine: Plastic laminate
  10. Tarhead

    "Turbine" Oil?

    I saw a suggestion to use turbine oil in a Rag-in-a-Can type oil applicator for intermediate storage instead of 3-in-1 for metal tools, gauges, firearms. Claimed it was cheaper and non-staining. This one is a smaller version of Paul Sellers'...
  11. Tarhead

    Lots of Used Southern Yellow Pine 2X10s Free Sherrill's Ford, NC (Workbenches?)

    Posting for a NCWW Facebook page member Robert Eades from Sherrill's Ford, NC (near Mooresville, NC (Iredell County). PM me (Tarhead) if interested and I'll send you his email: Greetings! I have a few thousand board feet of pine lumber that was used as OSHA approved scaffolding. Lengths 1' to...
  12. Tarhead

    Can't Open Photo Gallery

    This page isn’t is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  13. Tarhead

    $1 Wood Sale in Pineville at Carolina Urban Lumber 9/22

    I've not attended one of these but there should be some bargains as they will need the space with all the downed trees in the area: Details if you're not on Facebook: Saturday 9/22 9am-1pm Our dollar wood event returns! As usual we will be...
  14. Tarhead

    Free Craftsman Table Saw CLT Craigslist

    In the free section. Not working. Not mine. Good starter saw and learning project to troubleshoot. Hint...start with the switch.
  15. Tarhead

    Butcher Block Countertops Cheap in CLT

    Not mine.
  16. Tarhead

    Want a Cheap Domino?

    This is the closest diy version I've seen. Pask Makes has great WW'ing videos:
  17. Tarhead

    In Need of ~20 gallons of Pine (not Treated) Sawdust in the Charlotte Area

    Anybody doing a SYP project? I'm growing some Blueberry seedlings and need get a bed prepped. Thanks!
  18. Tarhead

    DW735 $300 for parts w/shelix Kannapolis
  19. Tarhead

    Anybody Wearing a Cooling shirt/vest to Keep Cool?

    I was just shopping for some replacement dust mask filters and stumbled across these wearable cooling devices. Some work with evaporation and probably not as effective as something with cold packs due to our high humidity. This company has a design that has rechargeable cold packs which are...

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