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    New-Old-Stock Lie-Nielsen Tools

    I've been away from ncwoodworker for awhile, but recently asked for help understanding the used tool market (especially LN) in the hand tools forum: As many said and I agree, the...
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    Looking for input on used hand tool market in these times

    Hey Everyone, I've been away from woodworking and for about 6+ years. Used to be semi-active here with group-buy/lumber-runs and looking at my post history, the last post before this one was Jan 2015: The world of...
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    HF DC down, Cap or Centrifugal Switch?

    Hey All, So my HF 2HP 120V dust collector is going through the often experienced "Turn it on, it hums for a few seconds, and then trips the breaker". I always thought that this meant that the capacitor was gone, but searching the internet it appears that the "centrifugal switch" is often...
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    When is veneering just gluing two boards together? (Plus teaser pics!)

    Hey All, I'm rebuilding the stairs in our house. Typical story... used to be carpeted, now working on hardwood treads install. I'm using handmade Brazilian cherry (jatoba) as it matches the floors I put down a few years ago. Wife now says that she would like Jatoba risers too, not white...
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    Where to buy shed/storage building for backyard

    All, I'm looking to get as much as I can out of my 2 car garage that isn't related to my hobbies. Anyone have some recommendations for where to get a shed/storage building that I can put in the back yard. I'm in Cary, so it needs to look as purdy as a little house... so basically a wood...
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    Where to find blades for Stanley 45

    Hey All, I finally got a Stanley 45, but it didn't come with any blades. Anyone have a recommendation on where to find some blades other than eBay? Also need a set of long rods too. Thanks, -Kevin
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    Question on stair rebuild with new treads

    Hey All, I've started the process of tearing up my old stairs treads and replacing them with hardwood treads. The stairs were covered in carpeting down the center 28" wide with 4" stained pine "accents" on each side. I've removed the carpeting, the side accent pieces, and the particle...
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    Looking for Concord to Raleigh/Cary, bought item from Tom Hintz

    Hey All, I bought a DeWalt track saw from Tom Hintz. Tom's in Concord so I'm looking so see if anyone is traveling from Concord to Raleigh/Cary. Please let me know if anyone is traveling down the I85/I40 corridor in the next week. Thanks, -Kevin
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    Washington Trip: Eden Saw and Grizzly Headquarters

    Hey All, Just back from a trip last week to the outer islands of Washington State. Spent most of the time in Port Townsend, WA. Thought I'd post some woodworking related photos for y'all. While there I was able to check out Eden Saw and Grizzly's headquarters. Eden Saw was amazing...
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    Anyone want to sell their Shop Fox 20" Drill Press M1039

    Hey All, I know that awhile back there was a group buy where a lot of folks purchased a Shop Fox M1039 20" Drill Press. Wondering if anyone is looking to downsize. I looked at buying online but the shipping gets pretty pricey. I'll also call Klingspor tomorrow as well, but wanted to put...
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    Festool to replace Ryobi and Black and Decker lines at Home Depot

    Happy April 1st. :rotflm: It's the best I could come up with on short notice. I'm sure Bas has something better! -Kevin
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    Amazon Thin Kerf WWII 30 Tooth $30

    Not sure if this has been posted yet: Forrest WW10307100 Woodworker II 10-Inch 30 Tooth 5/8-Inch Arbor 3/32-Inch Kerf Circular Saw Blade Go to Amazon and enter the item number "B000ONEMRU" into the search tool. Price History...
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    Great Lakes Casters on 21" Bandsaw

    All, This afternoon I finally got around to putting mobility into my Grizzly G0566 21" bandsaw. All I can say is wow, that bandsaw can dance across the floor! The saw weights almost 600lbs and was a beast just to get delivered. It took 4 guys to get it safely down the ramp on a hand...
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    Ambrosia, bugs, and air drying

    All, So I've got my load of green QS Sycamore from Jeff up in the garage attic and ready to start drying. My question is... some of it has Ambrosia, and what does this mean for air drying? I've googled Ambrosia and found that it's caused by critters that burrow into the wood which in...
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    Performax 22-44 Drum Sander $700 shipped

    Taken from another forum. The model on sale is the 649004k. They also have the 16/32-inch model on sale for $574 shipped. Also a steal.
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    Place to rent manual forklift / winch stacker

    All, I've got a large equipment swap-out from Grizzly looming so I'm looking for a little mechanical assistance to help ease the removal and replacement. Does anyone know of a equipment rental company that carries manual forklifts (aka winch stackers). I think it would be handy to have...
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    Best clean-up for shipping grease?

    Well, with the help of David Norby (Nativespec), I was able to get the new jointer planer into the garage. Thanks again for the help David! Now comes the post-delivery cleanup and setup. I'm surprised that they coat the cutter head in shipping gunk. Anyone have some helpful pointers on how...
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    How to get a 700lb crate out of the back of a truck (pre-gloat)

    All, I just got a confirmation email that my new machinery just shipped from Grizzly. (Pre-gloat) The major issue I have now is how to get it off the truck. Overnite charges more for lift-gate service and that's just to the bottom of your driveway, and my driveway is a steep. So I was...
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    New Machine Is In

    All, A big truck dropped off the following crate into the garage today: More to come as I get it un-crated, cleaned up, and running. Might need help getting this sucker onto a mobile base, even though the manufacturer doesn't recommend that you put it on one. :eusa_doh: /Kevin
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    Deal Alert:Freud SD508 129.99 Shipped

    Amazon is at it again with it's ultra-quick pricing swings: Freud SD508 Super Dado 8-Inch Stack Dado: Tools & Hardware This set was 199.99 earlier today, 139.99 most of the weekend, and 119.99 for a few hours last night. Probably won't last long. Hope this helps some that have...

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