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  1. gazzer

    DQ Membership card?

    Heading over to the HardwoodStore in Gibsonville this AM and tried to print out a membership card for their discount. I searched far and wide and could not find a link anywhere on the site that would allow me to print out a card. Any ideas? Gary
  2. gazzer

    Looking for local vendor of copper cut tacks

    I need a few dozen 1/2" copper cut tacks for a boat project. Anyone know of a local vendor? I could order them online but it's either in bulk (way to many) or shipping is out of proportion to the size of the purchase (or both). I have seen copper plated steel tacks around but I can't use...
  3. gazzer

    Message too short?

    I could not reply to a post today because "my message was 1 character too short". Adding more stuff to the reply resulted in the same message. I am hoping that this post works, but maybe it will be to short as well. -G Update: Never mind. It turned out that I had enclosed my reply within...
  4. gazzer

    How do I find my DQ card to print out

    I have wandered about the site a bit and have not been able to find the location where I can grab my DQ card. Are these still available or do all of the vendors have us in their system. I am planning a trip to the Hardwood Store of NC this morning and wanted to save the 10 cents/BF they used to...
  5. gazzer

    source for cheap hose clamps?

    I need 10 or so 4" hose clamps for what will probably be a single use project. HD has them for about $1.50 each. Anyone have a source in the Triangle area for less expensive ones? I have not been over to Harbor Freight, but their web site shows only smaller ones. It would be great if I could...
  6. gazzer

    Jatoba - how does it weather?

    I am considering using jatoba for the floor boards of the boat I am building. I know that is durable and hard, but can't seem to find much info about how it weathers. Anyone have any experience with it outside? Any problems with checking, cupping, or warping? Also, if I mill it to a...
  7. gazzer


    Check out this tool on YouTube. I have never seen anything of the sort. -G <object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  8. gazzer

    Shop Buddy? Maybe!

    Went into the shop last night and ran into this guy. I am generally not bothered by spiders; anything that eats roaches and camel crickets is worth having around. This one; however was a bit larger than I felt comfortable with - for reference, the plank that he is on is 5" wide! I am...
  9. gazzer

    Interesting article on sharpening a molding plane

    Not quite the way I would go about it, but ... -G
  10. gazzer

    Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

    I am looking for a supplier of silicon bronze cut thread wood screws in the Triangle area. There are plenty of online sources; however since I only need a few of certain sizes for a boat project, I figure that I would look locally. Anyone know of any? Thanks much -G
  11. gazzer

    Flattening water stones (Not!)

    I have used waterstones for sharpening for years. Up until a year or so ago, when I bought a Norton flattening stone, I used sandpaper on a glass plate for flattening every few sessions. Lately I have been seeing flaky results. I use a Veritas bevel guide, establish the main bevel with the...
  12. gazzer

    Beall Tool Co. - Great Customer Service

    Just wanted to post a note describing my great experience with Beall Tools. I bought a Tilt Box a few years ago, which I found useful for many things. Recently, the thing started acting up - it would read ok on a tilt; however when level, the display would jump around wildly. It did seem to...
  13. gazzer

    Need info from Delta 50-850 Dust Collector Owners

    I have the opportunity to pick up a Delta canister filter (50-750) for a good price and am wondering whether it would fit on my Grizzly G1029 without much trouble. I would very much appreciate it if any Delta 50-850 dust collector owner would measure the diameter of the flange that the filter...
  14. gazzer

    Protecting remaining finish in the can

    Has anyone tried "canned air", e.g. "Dust Off" as a substitute for products like bloxygen? It's a fairly non-reactive fluorocarbon and so should also protect. It's quite a bit cheaper than Bloxygen and I always have plenty around. Thanks -G
  15. gazzer

    Need some help identifying this tree

    Growing in my front yard. It's leaves are like those of a black walnut tree; however it's bark is smooth. I've tried some of the internet ID keys with mixed results. Never had any sort of nut on it. It's 60+ feet, peppers the yard with root suckers, and is flowering right now - yellow-green...
  16. gazzer

    Lathe help request on Craiglist

    Saw this request for assistance in setting up a lathe on Craigslist.
  17. gazzer

    Christmas tree - Recycled?

    Last year I decided that I was tired of laying out good cash for a Christmas tree that would end up in the landfill a few weeks later. A few days of thinking about it led to the creation here. Eight leaves of 1/4" luan recycled from the walls in my shop inserted in grooves in a center stalk...
  18. gazzer

    Hitachi Belt/Disk Sander on Amazon

    I was checking Amazon for their price on Nicholson rasps (mentioned on the previous thread) when I saw this Hitachi benchtop belt/disk sander: I am not a real big fan of Hitachi but $129 + free shipping sounded like an ok deal, but look at this --> There is an instant...
  19. gazzer

    What doesn't stick to CA glue

    I am planning on using cyanoacrylate glue to assemble some small thin pieces. I will hold them with finger pressure until the glue sets but I want to make sure that the assembly stays flat and that the pieces are in alignment. To do this I will use a flat surface with a small fence to butt the...
  20. gazzer

    Delta Jointer DJ20 for less than $1200 at Amazon

    After spending the afternoon with my 6" jointer, I was wishing it was a bit wider. Browsing around, I came across this jointer. Seems to be a great price:

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