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    Padauk splines / sawdust

    I would try hand planing with a sharp low-angle block plane instead of sanding. Sanding’s just going to make more dust. As for mineral spirits, first try rubbing a piece of padauk scrap with a white cloth wet with mineral spirits. If any color comes off on the cloth mineral spirits might...
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    Oil or wax? To prevent tools from rusting...

    Johnson’s Wax and CRC 3-36 are what I use. Both work. I keep my planes in a closed cabinet with a 15 watt Goldenrod heat stick at the bottom. Just enough heat to raise the temp of the cabinet above the outside ambient temp.
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    How to price air dried walnut

    Good walnut is hard to find. If you’ve got thick slabs that will yield 12/4 rift sawn straight-grain leg billets I’d love to have enough to make some cabriole legs for a table. Will pay up for good stuff.
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    Good Coping Saw Frame?

    I have an Olsen from Klingspor. Works great for wasting out dovetails, pierced backs-plats and chores like that. Not fancy, but it’s a worker.
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    Retro-Fit Canister Filter for Dust Collector

    I retro-fitted my Jet with a Wynn canister. After several years still very satisfied. I blow it back with compressed air occasionally as Wynn advised. Better air quality and dust collection equal or better than original bag.
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    Dutch tool chest

    L You need to account for waste if you’re trying to figure how much wood to buy.
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    Kitchen knife blanks?

    I havent made a knife handle before. What I would do i make a template and use that to trace onto the blanks. I like things I can repeat quickly to cut my time in the shop. Cutting boards are awesome for this. If anyone has made knife handles I would appreciate any input you have. Hock’s knife...
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    Greensboro Lunch Bunch !

    I miss the meeting too, Look forward to rejoining the lunch bunch when pandemic over.
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    Crossgrain moulding

    No stain, I used Tried and True varnish oil 50/50 with Epifanes interior rubbed effect. Rubbed on really thin and rubbed off till dry.
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    Crossgrain moulding

    Yes, elongated screw slots underneath at the back of the case.
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    Crossgrain moulding

    The molding is not beveled across the top, just looks that way from tilted camera. The view where the molding is laying across the top of the case shows actual profile. The case is solid dovetail case, not frame and panel. So any way of gluing the full length of molding would be cross grain...
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    Crossgrain moulding

    I recently built a spice box that needed a fairly large ( for the size of the piece) crown moulding at the top. The case is solid dovetailed and would expand and shrink over its 12 inch depth. One way to handle the crossgrain of the crown is to glue on the moulding at the front of the case and...
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    Post please...!

    Inspired by Phil’s post a while back I’ve been working on a version of a Pennsylvania spice box in FWW by Steve Latta several years ago. I changed the drawer layout and went with a “tombstone” raised panel door instead of an inlaid flat panel. After some hardware got caught up in the December...
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    Dovetail saw recommendations

    Veritas 14 point saw is ideal for learning dovetails. The plate is thicker and less likely to accidentally get bent. Price is great. The Lie-Nielsen is a more elegant saw and works great. The thin plate is great on furniture woods. I have both and still use both regularly. The Veritas has...
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    Best glue for cork on vise?

    I glued impregnated gasket material from auto parts store to my vise over a year ago. Used liquid hide glue on lightly sanded wood jaws. It has lasted fine. And it would be easy to replace if it becomes necessary.
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    Old Brown Glue or homemade liquid hide glue?

    OBG has very useful open time especially when the weather gets cool. But it also gets thick in the bottle when the weather gets cool. I like to have it warm so I turn my glue pot on very low and keep it about 100 F in use. I think it has all the good properties of hot hide glue but cures...
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    Problems with a box top

    Since the cup went away after you opened up the box it was probably moist inside the box when you brought it into a dry environment. The outside was exposed to the dry indoor air and started to dry out faster than the inside. Let it sit open in the indoor environment for a while and it may be...
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    Delta 50-850 dust collector

    I have one of the Wynn cannister filters like the ones linked above. Mine is several years old. Works well. Noticeable improvement in air quality. I did have to make a plywood adapter to fit it to my Jet dust collector. I blow compressed air through occasionally and remove maybe once a year...
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    Great Customer Service

    In the spirit of the holiday season in the midst of a pandemic I want to report two instances of great customer service I’ve had recently. I really value retailers who go out of their way to be helpful. 1)Horton Brasses: Back in early November I ordered a set of hardware for a spice chest from...
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    Cabinet complete

    Very nice looking piece. Would it work to black those hinges? That would make them less distracting to the vertical design.

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