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  1. Endless Pursuit

    SOLD - Delta Unisaw and Excalibur Sliding Table

    Now I have a guy that just wants the sliding table. Saw only is $800. be advised that 10” of the left side of rails of the Biesemeyer fence are cut off to accommodate the sliding table. I have the original left table wing but it’s got some surface rust. You can still rip 48” + to the right of...
  2. Endless Pursuit

    Vacuum Chuck Marks

    Getting a nasty black ring on my finish when I reverse a bowl to finish turning the bottom and sand/finish the outside. Aside from the special vacuum foam sheets, any other way to prevent this? I’m using the HoldFast brand of equipment. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Endless Pursuit

    Raffle Prize

    I received an email informing me that I won a nice carving chisel set and that I’d be contacted about making arrangements to get them. Haven’t heard anything since. How do I get them? My phone is 33 six nine 63 six 070. Thanks, ‘Jeff SchmuCoker
  4. Endless Pursuit


    Just read this and thought of my friends at NCWW.
  5. Endless Pursuit

    Interesting Maple but is it worth Harvesting?

    One of these days I will be moving from my current property to a place with fewer trees. Below are pics of a maple that intrigues me. I am taking several more logs to Scott Smith to have sawn and dried and was thinking about taking this one as well. I'm thinking about cutting the butt log into...
  6. Endless Pursuit

    shopping for a new lathe, Recommendations Welcome

    Looked online as much as I can stand. Looking for suggestions based on other folks experience. I will primarily be turning bowls, platters and vases. Call me crazy but I want to do large bowls (30+ inches) and large platters so outboard capability is important. I'm looking at this as an...
  7. Endless Pursuit

    Spring Picnic Raffle Tickets

    I've been away from the site for a few weeks and just checking around I dodn't see any posts about raffle tickets for the picnic. Are we selling them this year?
  8. Endless Pursuit

    Games for kids using ball bearings.

    I've come into quite a few 1/2" chrome plated ball bearings. Looking for suggestions on wooden children's game or toy projects I can build that uses them. Ideally it would be enclosed so my son and his bride don't have to find them all over their house. Kids in question are 9 and 11
  9. Endless Pursuit

    Latest Small Project

    Built 3 of these for our Church musicians to use instead of those plain black metal ones.
  10. Endless Pursuit

    Anybody ever build a Shuffleboard Table?

    Thinking about it for my basement. It's a well conditioned space with enough room for a table. My wife and I love the game and it could be an heirloom type project. Just not quite sure how I would get a 4" thick X 20" wide X 16 ft long table top dead flat. Maybe a torsion box? I have 4 other...
  11. Endless Pursuit

    Cutting your own logs?, you need one of these
  12. Endless Pursuit

    Tree Lean versus Reaction Wood

    I've spent quite a bit of time searching for info online and looked in a few books I have and cannot find the answer I'm looking for, so I'm hoping someone here knows more about reaction wood than I've been able to find. I have several very nice trees on my property that I plan to harvest for...
  13. Endless Pursuit

    Folding puzzle table

    The bride has asked me to make her a folding table to assemble her beloved jigsaw puzzles on. She showed me a photo in a catalog we got in the mail and I can probably get close using it. Was wondering if any of you have ever built one and maybe have a plan I could borrow?
  14. Endless Pursuit

    Wood Storage Shed

    I need to move a bunch of wood out of my barn to make room for the tractor that's currently in the garage so I can move in a 72 Chevy truck to start a restoration project. Soooooo, it's time to build a wood storage shed in back of the shop. Photos of the work on day 1. The soil around the...
  15. Endless Pursuit

    3 shaker hall tables

    My previous thread on this project has been closed so I just stick this up here. Work, Fishing and volunteer work has taken up quite a bit of my free time this year. It's been so long I don't remember when I actually started this project but I should "finish" it this weekend. Then all I have to...
  16. Endless Pursuit

    3 Shaker Hall Tables

    Started this in January and work, 2 other shop projects, fishing and the garden got in the way. Making time last couple days to get back at them. 2 are in QS Long Leaf Pine and 1 in oak. Plan from a 2007 issue of Woodsmith Magazine - Heirloom Project for the month (don't know which month)...
  17. Endless Pursuit

    Need a Big Blower

    I'm looking for a used 7-10 HP sawdust blower that runs on 220-240 single phase. I've checked several of the used equipment dealers but am coming up empty. I'm hoping someone here at NCWW might know where there's one needing a good home. Any help will be appreciated!
  18. Endless Pursuit

    Cypress Logs

    I am in need of 8 Cypress Logs 8-10" in diameter and straight. 4 need to be 10' long and 4 need to be 12' long. Green or Dry. Any suggestions where I can buy these?
  19. Endless Pursuit

    Current Project

    Started 3 weeks ago with the design and ordering parts. Got the 100# slides and HD Leveling Feet 2 weeks ago and cut the panels, rabbets and dado's last weekend. Finishing up the drawer parts and will start gluing today. The top will have 4 pieces of intersecting T track and eventually a light...
  20. Endless Pursuit

    T-Track Table Tops

    I'm making the initial preparation to build a long work area along a wall. Cabinets above, drawers below and a couple well placed vises. I saw the Rockler T-Track table top and thought that it was really cool. Lots of ways to hold things. I don't have a lot of experience using the tracks...

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