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  1. hoodoo

    What did you do in the shop this weekend?

    Thanks, the top is hard maple.
  2. hoodoo

    What did you do in the shop this weekend?

    Finally finished the dining table for the wife. Now to make the matching bench.
  3. hoodoo

    New guy from Fayetteville

    Welcome Bud. If you haven't been, I suggest you check out Ballash Woodworks on Cedar Creek road. Kurt has a good selection of lumber and offers classes as well.
  4. hoodoo

    Ordered in February and it finally arrived

    My first "big boy" tool. I think I am more impressed the 220v outlet I ran actually worked more than receiving the jointer.
  5. hoodoo

    WEN has some comedians on the payroll

    Picked up a cheap biscuit jointer to help align a large panel glue-up. Was flipping through the manual when I saw this:
  6. hoodoo


    I am currently working on a farmhouse trestle dining table for my wife. Base is complete. Need to get started on the top. I recently completed a simple wedding arbor for my nephew. Here is a picture of the shop when we moved in last year. No real changes at this point. Nice to finally have a...
  7. hoodoo

    Electrical options of r setting up a new shop

    I am a similar situation. I have a new place with a new dedicated detached garage shop. It already has power, but no 220v. The panel doesn't seem to have any available spots to add any either. I know I can just have a new panel put in and run the outlets, but reading these comments it seems I...
  8. hoodoo

    New House, New Projects - Built-in Bookshelves

    I think the cabinets and doors are pretty standard. 3/4 plywood cabinets with 1x3 face frame and shaker doors. The shelves are split into three main pieces, two end bays completed using dados. They are connected to the center stile via the shelves using pocket holes. All painted white by my...
  9. hoodoo

    New House, New Projects - Built-in Bookshelves

    I did cut out a spot for the outlet on the back wall. The two on the sides are covered. Hopefully I won't regret that later.
  10. hoodoo

    New House, New Projects - Built-in Bookshelves

    Wife and I decided it was time to get a bigger place. A new house means new projects. First one was to turn the formal sitting room into a sorta library. Thus the built-ins. Room before: Room after: EDIT: Added link to more pics: Built-ins
  11. Completed Built-Ins

    Completed Built-Ins

  12. Room Before Built-Ins

    Room Before Built-Ins

  13. hoodoo

    American Trestle Table

    Amazing work. I have a trestle dining table on my to do list. I can only hope it comes out looking as nice.
  14. hoodoo

    Cutting small parts on a TS

    Hopefully you are not using the miter gauge and the fence together. You could set a stop block prior to the cut so the off piece is free after the cut. Or, what I usually use is a crosscut sled. It supports the piece and off cut through the entire process of the cut.
  15. hoodoo

    Rough Sawn Lumber near Fayetteville

    I believe Kurt from Ballash Woodworks | Custom | Carolinas is on the forums and mentioned he has lumber. I haven't been by his shop yet but it is on my to-do list.
  16. hoodoo

    Change to Military Discount at Lowes

    I think with HD building materials are not included. Which, like you, is why I frequent Lowe's almost exclusively.
  17. hoodoo

    Change to Military Discount at Lowes

    I did know that they added the military status in MyLowes recently but are you saying that if I have it added to my account and I use my MyLowes card in store that it will automatically take the 10% off without showing my ID? It would be nice if that is the case. My wife and I share a MyLowes...
  18. hoodoo

    New Guy in Fayetteville

  19. hoodoo

    my first post from a rare Fayetteville native.

    Welcome. Good to see another from Fayetteville.

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