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  1. AudreyO

    Cabinet Shop Yard Sale TODAY In Wilmington

    My mom just called and said that there is a cabinet shop closing on 3rd and Greenfield (downtown Wilmington). She said they had lots of nice equipment wood etc. Just passing it along.
  2. AudreyO

    Where is "My Albums" and Bulk Uploads now?

    OK I logged in as my wife (without any special privileges) and the My Albums function is still where is has always been. But the bulk upload option is missing. This is something that needs looking into. Thanks for bring it to our attention. Jim,
  3. Audreys stuff

    Audreys stuff

  4. Wood burning and paintin'

    Wood burning and paintin'

  5. AudreyO

    Shop screen door...WIP

    Trent, that was HILARIOUS! And so true.
  6. AudreyO

    A couple of comments from the picnic

    I HATED that Ava and I could not make it to the picnic. We were attending a charity Golf Tournament for Reins From Above but sent our love. Dave spends a countless number of hours responding to posts and making sure that the website is running smoothly. He really cares about NCWW. I truly...
  7. AudreyO

    Are You Coming to the 2009 Spring Picnic?

    Me, Ava and the dog are in. -Audrey
  8. AudreyO

    Some pics of my work

    My husband was viewing your thread earlier and I thought something was wrong because he kept making gasping noises. No, he was just looking at your work when I asked him if he was OK, he called me over to show me some of your stuff and it is amazing. So talented! I told Dave that it is like you...
  9. AudreyO

    Idea for income!

    Dave and I were talking about this and think that 33% is a good idea. I do believe that Stacey has enough volunteers that can take care of selling things for people that want to sell things but cannot make it. I also agree that it will take time for all of us to build up inventory. Thanks for...
  10. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    Topknot-Thanks for the suggestion. I asked Dave about it and he knew exactly what you meant so in the future we can get that. Unfortunately, I had a Lowes Gift Certificate that I used to buy the wood. Anyone else who was going to cut out stuff for the barn...bring it on. I have really enjoyed...
  11. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    If only we had more peach paint. Maybe we can take his pants to Lowes and have them color match it.:gar-La;
  12. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    If that was the case they would ALL be pink!:wsmile:
  13. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    Thanks Bas! I tried to find his old post I really did. :tinysmile_cry_t: During the process I realized I should take away some of Dave's computer time.:gar-La;
  14. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    Thanks Clay! When I finish these I Dave said he would teach me how to use his scrollsaw and jigsaw. Plus over Christmas break my dad showed me how to carve and sent me home with some stuff my grandpa never finished before he died. SO maybe I will have some woodworking stuff to post. AND then...
  15. AudreyO

    Dave O's Butterflies

    A while back, DaveO posted about the butterflies and flowers he was cutting out for Reins From Above Butterfly garden. I have been painting away on them. I tried to find his old post and add to it but after going though 20 pages I gave up! Anyway, here is what they look like with paint. He will...
  16. AudreyO

    Idea for income!

    Of course I think this is a great idea. I have tons of bowls in my house I would love to get rid of :) ( I am kidding Dave). I cannot stress what a great program Reins from Above is and think that this is a neat opportunity to team up with local NC organizations.
  17. Reins From Above Butterflies

    Reins From Above Butterflies

  18. Reins From Above Bumble bee

    Reins From Above Bumble bee

  19. Reins From Above Butterflies

    Reins From Above Butterflies

  20. Reins From Above Butterflies

    Reins From Above Butterflies

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