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    Nova 1624 bearings

    Hi. I changed the headstock bearings on my nova lathe. The bearings are the correct size and the lathe runs true and smooth now. The issue I am having is that the bearings got so hot that the chuck was too hot to touch. The bearings don't spin much when spun by hand. I cleaned the bearings a...
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    Brite tone instrument finish

    Hi. I saw a few youtube videos with woodworkers finishing guitars with Brite tone high solid poly. Has anyone used it for woodturned items? I would mostly use it for duck/deer calls. How durable is it? I currently use a bee/caranauba or spar urethane but always looking for "better" finishes...
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    Late Christmas gift. Better late than never

    First finished project of the year made for a friend restoring an austen healy. Used a hood ornament and recessed it with resin. Added some designs to the inside of the lid (robert sorby tool) Red cedar finished with bees and caranauba wax.
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    Wood rings - finish

    Quick question for those who make and sell rings. CA finish or bees/caranauba/oil mixture. I use a CA finish on pen, but they always look "plastic-y". I would prefer a natural wood finish, but I am concerned about durability. Thank you.
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    Nova 1624. Opinion

    Good morning. I am in the market for a midi lathe, and I am looking at the laguna revo 12, but came across the below nova 1624_42 II with extension bed. This is way more lathe than I need, but it is a good value. it seems laguna makes better machine, but what is your experience with the nova...
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    Woodcraft pen kits

    they are running a $5 sale on kits... in case you need to feed the addiction
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    Wood identification please

    hi. I've had the below pieces for a few years, and I labeled them black redwood. Can't find much on the web to compare with. And what I can find indicates that black redwood is uncommon. Any suggestions or idea what those could be? Wood is very soft and has no distinctive smell.. thank you
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    Captive ring tip

    Good morning. Looking for captive ring tips. It seems that I always end up with a "lip" on the inside of the ring, and I spend a considerable amount of time sanding the ring with long strips of sandpaper. Sometimes I wrap a sand paper to the body and spin the ring around it with mixed results...
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    Another spalted bowl

    I think this was oak that I spalted at the same time as my last bowl. Not as much figure but there was a void (damage to the three) that came out very nice. Took about 6 hrs to turn as I was taking very shallow cuts, afraid to snag that edge/ void. Finish is shellac.
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    Semi floating shelf

    God morning My boss asked me to build him the shelves pictured below. Was thing of using a combination of dowels and screws to hold the shelves in place, along with glue. Would that hold or would it not be sturdy enough? Any suggestions?
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    Glad to have mold?

    Picked up a couple logs from a construction site a couple years ago. Noticed some mold was already growing on the blanks, so I wrapped them in a plastic bag and kept them moist. 6 months ago I took the moldy logs out and let them air dry. Made a wall thickness error, but opted to keep it. The...
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    Work bench - top assembly

    Gm. I am building a work bench without any screws or nails. It is my first go at tenons and mortises, and while many mistakes were made, the legs are done and are straight!. The bench top is built with laminated 2x4s. I was thinking of cutting through tennons for the legs/ top assembly and...
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    Broken hand plane

    Good afternoon. I managed to drop my hand plane, a bailey no 5, and broke the bed. Can that be welded? Or do I have a real old paper weight now? Thanks
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    winged lidded bowl with fractal burning

    My first "successful" turn of a winged bowl... The lid was made about a year ago (for another winged bowl that opted to become airborn). I struggled with getting a clean sheer cut and removing the tool marks, and sanding on the lathe was not a good option. Wish I spent more time hand sanding...
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    Lumber for dining room table

    Good afternoon Any recommendations for lumber near MONROE NC for hardwood for dining room table ? Thinking of white oak or maple. Would rather not shop the big box stores if I can, but am open to it. I found a lot of people on FB that offer live edge, but not what I need for this project...

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