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  1. ebarr

    my nephews wedding gift

    My Nephew is getting married in a few weeks. He is an avid hunter, so I decided to turn my first call in several years. It didn't turn out to bad. The picture is not the greatest. The barrel is maple burl and the stopper is cocabola I think, it was a scrap I had in the shop. PS...yes I...
  2. ebarr

    Sapele Toy Box done FINALLY!!!

    After the hinge disaster. I ordered the correct hinges from Rockler and the little diva is a happy girl.
  3. ebarr

    Help!! Hinge advice

    I am making a toybox for a very good friend of ours. Everything was going wonderful until the last few days. First I snapped a drill bit off flush with the wood when predrilling the holes for the hinge screws. 5 mins later when carrying the top out of the way I hit the edge of my bandsaw and...
  4. ebarr

    Doll bed kinda weekend

    This must have been the weekend for doll beds. This was my Sat. project. for the grand babies.
  5. ebarr

    anybody want to swap a 110 for a 220??

    I have replaced my Heat Pump and pulled out a very nice squirrel cage fan housing and a 1/4 HP 220 motor. I don't have 220 in my shop, and would love to swap the motor out with a 110 so I can hook this thing up.
  6. ebarr

    My new....old TV stand

    My wife and I have finally moved out of the dark ages and purchased a new flat panel TV. And the old TV stand had to go.....well sorta... This is before I carried it to the garage and let lose my jig saw.. [/IM One hour later...wifey is happy [/URL][/IMG]
  7. ebarr

    My small gloat from Direct Tool

    Ok, so I have had the Groupon from Direct Tool for awhile and decided on Sun to use it. Ryobi 13 in planer for $199.99 with 25% off any purchase over $200 (had to by two $.79 items) plus the $70 Groupon came to $90 out the door with tax:eusa_danc:eusa_danc By the way anyone looking for a...
  8. ebarr

    Not sure if anyone would be interested in pen show a co-worker who I have made some pens for sent this to me.
  9. ebarr

    finishing this baby cradle...any suggestions

    Ok, Baby Cradle is pretty much complete with the exception of finish. I wanted to post pic's of but can't seem to get them off my phone this evening. I initially wanted to spray the finish on. However, I have realized that is probably not my best option because of the construction of the...
  10. ebarr

    Any advice for beginner HVLP finish?

    Within the next week or so I will be ready to start the finish on my latest project. I would like to use an HVLP sprayer, but the only spray finishes I have applied have been out of a rattle can. What would be the best finish/mixture for me to use? How much do you thin down?
  11. ebarr

    Have you ever.....

    Put off or dreaded a certain part of a project because you were nervous or thought you wouldn't be able to do it? Only to find out that you breezed right past it and it was one of the easiest parts of the project? just wondering...because I finally bit the bullet on part of my latest project...
  12. ebarr

    new laminate kitchen floor

    So LOML wanted a new kitchen floor, we looked at Tile and also DuraCeramic, before she found a laminate floor she liked that came in 15x15 tiles. This stuff has a coating on it that makes it look like tile. It has a lifetime residential warranty and was easier to install than tile. Took me a...
  13. ebarr

    Direct Tool - Rigid Oscillating sander

    Purchased the Direct Tool Groupon 4 or 5 months ago with the sole intention of purchasing the Rigid Sander. After putting my name on a waiting list I FINALLY got a call last week from the manager lady stating they had 4 coming in today and if I was still interested I could come get one. Went...
  14. ebarr

    Baby Cradle progress with pics *(updated)*

    I have procrastinated enough. Baby shower in 2 weeks, baby due in 5 weeks. I hope to have this complete by the baby shower. Cradle made from Sapele with plans from Rockler. FYI this is my first attempt at what I would consider a major project. [/URL][/IMG] part of the sides with template I...
  15. ebarr

    My counter top dilema continues........any countertop experts out there

    So LOML ordered laminate countertops from the big box store. Problem is.....they came with extra support on the bottom. [/URL][/IMG] which will not sit down on my cabinets. Creating a huge problem. One of the counters is 12 feet long so removing the extra support might create a problem...
  16. ebarr

    new countertops

    I am installing new laminate countertops in the kitchen. When I got the countertop home from the big box store it has a cloudy film on it. You can tell when the made the counter they wiped the edges down with something that removed the cloudiness. I want to get this off before I start cutting...
  17. ebarr

    Question about Dyeing

    I am in the process of making a Baby Cradle out of Sapele for a very good friend. She has decided to go with a very dark furniture and I am afraid that the baby cradle is will clash with her other furniture unless I can darken it up significantly. Thought about dying the sapele, but have...
  18. ebarr

    Who I is

    Since I have been on this forum since 2006. Steve said I should introduce myself. Wayne Barr, live in Hillsborough NC, Married and between my wife and I we have 7 children (yes I said 7) most of them grown or in college now.
  19. ebarr

    Kitchen Countertop Question

    OK, LOML wouldlike to redo the Kitchen countertops, the house was built in 84 and has custom cabinetry. I was looking at the countertops and don't see any visible screws that hold it in place. How hard is this going to be to get off????? without tearing up the cabinetry???
  20. ebarr

    Direct Tool Rigid Sander

    So since I was off today I wanted to cash in my $70 groupon. So off to Tanger Outlet and Direct Tool to see if they by chance had the Rigid Sander. Sold Out:BangHead::BangHead: Manager lady said she sold them all at the Woodturner event in Greensboro a few weeks ago. I knew I should have...

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