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  1. Entertainment Center

    Entertainment Center

  2. Router table

    Router table

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    Happy Birthday MarkW!

    Thanks !! Its always nice getting to another birthday but they are getting too close now.
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    Killing powderpost beetles in small boards

    I have not tried this or heard of anyone that may have but I would think that a microwave would kill anything living in your wood if its able to actually penetrate it. I would not think that you would need a certain temperature in the wood as the bugs would die from their internal water...
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    I went through the same thing this year. I had actually bought a 735 but not opened it when I realized by the time I added the tables and stand I could get a more industrial planer for a couple hundred more . I went ahead and bought the Grizzley G0453 There isn't much plastic in there.
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    CA Blowout!

    Fingernail polish remover (Acetone) should do the trick. Obviously it may ruin any paint.
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    Additions to shop

    Thats a serious gloat! You will get some great use from those I'm sure.
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    A few new additions

    Thanks guys! YankeePoP I have read most of the site at CC and theres alot of good info. Thanks
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    A few new additions

    I have gotten a few new additions over that last couple weeks so I figgured to make one combination gloat. The first one is a Grizzly 15 inch planer. I had already purchased a Dewalt when I backtracked returned it and went ahead and got this one. It was delivered in perfect condition and it...
  10. New haul

    New haul

    Grizzley 0453
  11. New haul

    New haul

  12. New haul

    New haul

    New shop helper
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    Quarter Sawn Oak Sideboard

    I really like it! LOML was looking over my shoulder and decided she'd like one. When she asks, the tools usually come so thanks again.
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    using ash

    I've used quite alot of it lately. As others have said it works relatively well though I noticed it being prone to splintering if my tools were not sharp. Other than that I was impressed, it takes a finish evenly and you already saw the price. Here are a couple of items I've made from it.
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    Can not decide

    I currently have a Ryobi lunch box planer thats actually given me great service but its starting to show its age. I am starting a new project so I figgured I would go ahead and buy a new planer. I did some research and decided on the Dewalt 735 and actually have it sitting in the back of my...
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  17. Wixey


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    Chest in Time for Christmas

    I really like it! You really did a great job with the joinery and the carving really sets the whole thing off.
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    A christmas present for the FIL

    Well awhile back, I was able to pick up a mini-lathe used for one of Tom's reviews. I just could not resist the opportunity to get the FIL started down the turning path. Knowing that he would need to keep the lathe in the garage (and his garage is cleaner than my kitchen) I decided to make a...

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