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  1. cpaul

    Anyone with experience stabilizing wood?

    I've watched the videos and it looks pretty straightforward, but thought I would ask local folks about best equipment, places to buy, etc. I would be working with pieces no bigger than a brick. If anyone can share what they've learned, especially if it helps me avoid costly mistakes, I'd...
  2. cpaul

    Any local birch burl?

    Hi Folks, I just purchased some masur birch burl from a seller in Russia, thru etsy. Well, I say 'just purchased' but I really mean 'just received'. It's beautiful material for pen blanks, knife handles, etc, but I'd really like to find a local source so I don't have to wait 90 days for...
  3. cpaul


    Another batch of gifts made for last Christmas . . . these were the first spoons I 'carved' with the help of that nifty angle grinder ball gouge from Arbortech - a very handy tool. Anyway, thought I'd share and ask if anyone else would like to do the same - show your spoons!
  4. cpaul

    Share pics of your letter openers?

    I made a letter opener for my Mom last Christmas and just came across a pic of it today. Bubinga with maple handle inlays, and a goldstone (aventurine glass) marble set in the handle so it can spin freely. It was a fun project and I think I'll make more for gifting this Christmas. I'd love to...
  5. cpaul

    New in Hillsborough

    Hi Folks, My name is Chris Paul and I haven't been able to put a car in my garage since I was in my twenties (so a few decades now). Instead, my garage has been packed with woodworking and blacksmithing tools, and once upon a time, telescope making equipment. These days I'm mostly interested...
  6. cpaul

    New User, just now registered, hoping to sell an edge sander

    I understand this is an online community for active NC woodworkers to share their interests, and that there are rules new users must follow to gain the privilege to post woodworking items they wish to sell. I joined today specifically because I have a tool that I need to sell, and didn't want...

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