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  1. zapdafish

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch

    dang just saw this
  2. zapdafish

    Rethink the raffle

    3/3 :p
  3. zapdafish

    Plywood Blade for Circular Saw

    these are the specs for the festool ts55 fine blade, i think tooth shape and hook angle are important factors to look at in addition to teeth count. I think ability to follow a straight edge is more with the user and how fast you go. If you are able to maintain a consistent body position along...
  4. zapdafish

    Ideas please...

    Duck Cookbooks
  5. zapdafish

    Jointer snipe

    for me when I start getting snipe cleaning the beds and then a fresh coat of bosheilds takes care of it.
  6. zapdafish

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch

    sorry, dozed off at work and when I woke up was already late
  7. zapdafish

    Ever Seen or Use one?

    this is pretty funny.... Material: Ash Wood, The new version is made of stainless steel, and the old and new versions are shipped randomly.
  8. zapdafish

    Laguna LT16(gone)

    think the models I've seen have a black paint job vs the gray paint job on this one.
  9. zapdafish

    Are Bench Top Jointers Worth It?

    just reread your question, if its for edge jointing I'd consider a tracksaw and/or a handplane. edit.. well just reread the OP and dont see where you mentioned edge jointing, guess Im losing it
  10. zapdafish

    Are Bench Top Jointers Worth It?

    i'm cringing at how loud it would be compared to a used full size jointer.
  11. zapdafish

    Basic hand tool set?

    maybe draw/shave knife? axe/hatchet
  12. zapdafish

    2021 Raffle Prizes - Master List

    i get so much spam I delete that folder a few times a day. If it went into spam, its been deleted already
  13. zapdafish

    2021 Raffle Prizes - Master List

    Can someone check if my order is there? Credit card shows 7/28 but haven't got an email with ticket numbers. Thanks
  14. zapdafish

    Home workshop insurance

    on occasion I bring the same topic up with my agent because of my woodworking tools and firearms and like someone previously mentioned I am covered under "contents". But at 80,000 worth of tools, that might rise to a different category than me and I'd check with your agent.
  15. zapdafish

    Resanded my workbench- looks better now

    looks great but the next project you haven't thought of yet will need those plugged up dog holes :D
  16. zapdafish

    Satin not satin

    I found if I shake the can to mix I can introduce bubbles so i reverted back to stirring with a stick before use.
  17. zapdafish

    Rolling Workbench - yes or no?

    dont use this kind of caster, the red part of the wheel eventuually comes apart
  18. zapdafish

    Festool CT Cyclone Pre-Separator

    gotta be careful with stuff like shavings from handplaning or small chips that end up in floor sweeping piles. Even small slips of paper like receipts. The bends in the cleaning connectors and where it connects to the systainer can catch a piece pretty easily and block off half or all of the flow.
  19. zapdafish

    Festool CT Cyclone Pre-Separator

    I got it for my ct22 and love it. I use the festool cleaning kit to keep my shop cleaner now that I am not worried about having to change the bags out. There are some bottle necks to watch out for that can make it seem like there is a loss of suction but once I found what to look for I have no...

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