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  1. Robert166

    Rosewood veneer table top and walnut legs

    I salvaged a large conference table top with what I believe is rosewood veneer on the top. (I can post a picture later) I also salvaged some walnut table legs. Thinking about making a couple of end tables. I am considering using walnut around the edges. I am wondering if this would "look" odd? I...
  2. Robert166

    New Caster for my workbench

    I need to replace the casters on my workbench. I want the type that lock completely. The bench is very heavy, approximately 300 pounds empty, 400 with my other stuff. Any suggestions on a quality caster?
  3. Robert166

    Shop Vac Bag Knock Offs

    Trying to find some bags for my shop vacs. I have 3 different size vacs, isn’t there a knock off of these bags? I can’t find a website that has all 3 types of knock offs. I dont care if the bags are shopvac brands or not. I just need some bags.
  4. Robert166

    Makita Track Saw

    Well I pulled the trigger on a track saw, after lots of YouTube reviews and talking myself in to and out of a track saw, the Makita SP6000J was the choice. Wanted the cordless version, but the price and waiting until July to get it, nope. Not sure on the tracks, they are not the Makita brand...
  5. Robert166

    8.50 a board foot?

    Walnut live edge slabs kiln dried . 12 feet long, average 18 inches wide, 2 inches think. 95% clear. Is that a good, great or average price? Don’t really have a project for them, but man they are pretty. Second question, reclaimed white oak, 1 inch think, 6 inches wide, 12 foot long, $2.50 a...
  6. Robert166


    I have this planer but would like to have wings as shown in the picture. Did this planer ever have this option? Does not have to be exact, and yes I could make some, but if there are some already made, that would be nice.
  7. Robert166

    Can you cut picture frame molding?

    I have the wood, but not the ability to cut the profile. I am wanting to make a picture frame out of walnut. Approx. specs: 3 inch wide, 21x25. Here is an example of what I am looking for.
  8. Robert166

    Bosch 12 inch Miter Saw

    Saw this on Craigslist and after some internet review searches and YouTube reviews the hard start is concerning. I really want a 10 inch model like this with soft start. Is there such a thing? I cant find one on the net, but that doesn't mean they don't exist or does it...
  9. Robert166

    Old Walnut Desk

    I know where I can get a few of these desk at a very reasonable price. BUT they need refinishing, some may not be worth refinishing but the drawer sides are solid wood or could be used as parts. Top is not solid nor the sides. Is it worth (in your opinion)? This is what a refinished one looks...
  10. Robert166

    Columbia wood vise

    I have a wood vise that the outside jaws is bent. I do not want to trash it for sentimental reasons. I searched YouTube on this type of repair and have not found an solution. I have approximately 1/16 inch gap on the top. I will post photos later. Thoughts?
  11. Robert166

    No way, gotta be a scam

    For a Woodpecker fence system? Ha!
  12. Robert166

    Need someone with a router sled willing to flatten a slab for me.

    Was going to build one, just haven't had the time. If you have one and are willing, will you flatten one side for me? I live in Wayne County, so the closer the better please.
  13. Robert166

    How Long? Really?

    I have been drooling over an Incra table saw fence for a while, then I got an email from Incra advertising a sale on them. I gleefully went to there website and was just about ready to pull the trigger and saw this: Estimated availability: Est. 15 – 18 week lead time due to high demand Product...
  14. Robert166

    3/4-4x8 Baltic Birch

    Where could someone buy a sheet of this?
  15. Robert166

    Router Sled

    Okay I am ready to make one of these (router sled) and wanted to ask the ones here that have already done so. What would you do different? I know there a numerous plans out there and I have not decided on which one to model mine after. Thoughts?
  16. Robert166

    Cane Chair Repair?

    Does anyone repair cane chairs anymore? I can not find anyone that still does this.
  17. Robert166

    Black Walnut Slabs

    Recently I made a trip up to Pennsylvania and found a small wood yard. Stopped in to see if he sold to the public and he did. Bought a large maple slab at a very good price that I am in the process of turning into a kitchen island. I also saw a 2 -3 inch thick piece of black walnut live edge...
  18. Robert166

    Epoxy Selection

    What type of epoxy should I use to fill a large crack in a maple crotch? I am attempting to stop the cracking, it is starting at the crotch and heading down. I have zero experience doing this. Thoughts?
  19. Robert166

    Metal Bandsaw Blades

    Anyone have a need for these? I asked the store employee how much and he said “cheap, real cheap” I think they are asking 5 bucks a piece for them. But I had no use for them so I didn’t pursue a firm price. If anyone is interested I took a picture of the tag on them.
  20. Robert166

    Dewalt 18 Volt Batteries

    I few a couple of Dewalt drills that use the 18-volt batteries. They will no longer hold a charge, searched the web for replacements. All I found was some for about $120.00. Found some "knock offs" for a lot less, but a little skeptical about those. Dont want to toss the drills, but if I cant...

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