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  1. gazzer

    Baltic Birch Plywood?

    Have you tried Anchor Hardwoods in Wilmington? I believe they carry marine ply, perhaps they have baltic. 910-343-9000
  2. gazzer

    Yellow wood

    It's white mulberry. The wood is photoreactive and will darken to a chocolate brown. It's hard, doesn't seem to split easily, and will never rot. I've use it for mallets, tool handles, and some parts on my boat.
  3. gazzer

    Looking for an accurate stud finder

    My method as well. My magnet has a hole through the middle so instead of tape, I tied a loop of light string through it.
  4. gazzer

    Adirondack Guideboat with fabric Phil S

    I meant to say that my 2" lock/socket set was from Duck Trap Woodworking The less expensive bronze or brass may work well, but the castings may be rough and the shafts not machined round and sized to fit the socket. This won't affect overall function, but the rowing action may not be as...
  5. gazzer

    Adirondack Guideboat with fabric Phil S

    I bought a set of Shaw & Tenney #1 1/2 horn oarlocks and am pretty happy with them. They were one of the few good quality larger locks that I needed for the heavier oars I built for my sail boat. Any bronze lock with a machined shaft won't be cheap. The 2" open oarlock/socket sets are nice as...
  6. gazzer

    Lumber for sale - Durham

    How many BF do you tally in your batch. I need some green WO for a boat project that I am contemplating. Won't need much for the project, but could always use some for future projects.
  7. gazzer

    DQ Membership card?

    Thanks Mike and Ken. I recalled on previous visits that I presented a card. Makes more sense that they have a list on file. Gary
  8. gazzer

    DQ Membership card?

    Heading over to the HardwoodStore in Gibsonville this AM and tried to print out a membership card for their discount. I searched far and wide and could not find a link anywhere on the site that would allow me to print out a card. Any ideas? Gary
  9. gazzer

    Knob for Miller Falls Hand Drill

    I restored an old German hand drill that had a cracked main handle + a crank spindle with no wood, and a side handle missing all together. I turned all three out of walnut. The main and spindle did have the ferrules, but I had to fabricate one for the side handle. Spun it on the lathe from a...
  10. gazzer

    Anyone built a teardrop trailer/camper?

    Chesapeake Light Craft has a kit. CNC machined marine ply put together using the "stitch and glue" boat building method. I'd love to build one and actually started on my own design. Somebody special to me keeps reminding me of the other projects that are higher on the list, though.
  11. gazzer

    Replacing a Deadbolt

    My usual method for making a bigger hole is to make a plug to fit the existing hole, find the center, and then drill. The plug does not have to be round (i.e. turned on a lathe), it could be square with the diagonals equal to the diameter of the existing hole. Of course, since you only have...
  12. gazzer

    OSHA compliment table saw

    Adam, It is prudent to find a guard that works for your application and to use it as far as it is practical. Your inmates most likely vary in skill and so need as much protection as you can provide. That said, you need to know that unless there is an employer/employee relationship between the...
  13. gazzer

    3" hole

    Have you thought about using a router with a circle cutting jig? I have used this method for larger holes, but it may be fine for a 3 inch hole.
  14. gazzer

    Your mission (if you choose to accept it)

    It appeared that the center passage for the pin was tapered a slight amount. Could have been a camera artifact. Good luck getting code officials to sign off on such a beam.
  15. gazzer


    Bought the plans directly from the designer. I think I recall that there weren't any US kit suppliers at the time. Building from scratch was not that much more of a challenge; however a kit would certainly have saved some time. After you get in a rhythm the planking goes pretty quick.
  16. gazzer


    Finished up my Oughtred "Arctic Tern" last year. I enjoyed building it so much that I was a bit sad when I finished; however sailing is a hoot! Jeff, some of the walnut I bought from you (a few years back) is in this boat.
  17. gazzer

    Painted Shop Floor To Slick!!!

    The cheap solution is to mix course sawdust into the paint. I have done this for boat decking and it results in plenty of grip. The plus side is that when you redo it, you save the hassle of burning up sandpaper removing the original sand-laden coat. A bit more pricey would be walnut shell...
  18. gazzer

    Source for rough cut pressure treated lumber

    Not me, Jeff. I stick to side streets and trails for the most part. Some of the folks out there give me the shivers with where and how they are riding. OTOH, I scratch my head a lot about how some folks drive, too.
  19. gazzer

    Source for rough cut pressure treated lumber

    Can't help with a source of lumber, but I wonder where they got the idea that rough-cut lumber is required. As a cyclist who's crossed many of the wooden decked bridges on trails in the Triangle, I don't recall that any of them are decked with rough-cut lumber. I haven't gotten on my knees for...
  20. gazzer

    Wood options for boat decking

    What makes plywood marine grade is the type of glue they use to laminate. This means that lot of marine plywood is not all that rot resistant. It won't delaminate, but it may rot over time. For a boat that is stored dry, this isn't all that significant, though. I'd use cedar because it is...

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