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  1. Endless Pursuit

    Happy student

    Mike, I see you have the original prototype for Robust’s American Beauty....
  2. Endless Pursuit

    Commissioned Help '

    Do you have a detailed sketch and the wood? Based on the little picture, that would not be too difficult. Only problem is, I’m 4+ hrs away. Ideally, if you could mill and glue up the blank (perfect joints, no gaps anywhere!) it’s probably only a couple hours of lathe time.
  3. Endless Pursuit

    Well that makes sense

    A friend of mine solved the same problem by adding a second set of swivel casters immediately behind the original one’s basically creating a “dullie” hoist. He can max out the lift cylinder and still roll and steer a load.
  4. Endless Pursuit

    Recent Turnings

    Charlie, It’s all your fault. It started at the NCWW picnic in May of 2014 when you brought some of your work and displayed it. The second I picked up the large vase, took in the detail and felt its lack of heft, I was hooked. Since then I’ve worked like a dog at my real job so that “some day” I...
  5. Endless Pursuit

    New Dining Room Table

    That's some darn fine work using limited tools.
  6. Endless Pursuit

    SOLD - Delta Unisaw and Excalibur Sliding Table

    Need to see this find a new home.
  7. Endless Pursuit

    Vacuum Chuck Marks

    Brad was right. No marks if I don’t use the tail stock.
  8. Endless Pursuit

    SOLD - Delta Unisaw and Excalibur Sliding Table

    Now I have a guy that just wants the sliding table. Saw only is $800. be advised that 10” of the left side of rails of the Biesemeyer fence are cut off to accommodate the sliding table. I have the original left table wing but it’s got some surface rust. You can still rip 48” + to the right of...
  9. Endless Pursuit

    Vacuum Chuck Marks

    Thanks for the replies. I think Brad is on to something... I’ll do a test.
  10. Endless Pursuit

    Vacuum Chuck Marks

    Getting a nasty black ring on my finish when I reverse a bowl to finish turning the bottom and sand/finish the outside. Aside from the special vacuum foam sheets, any other way to prevent this? I’m using the HoldFast brand of equipment. Thanks, Jeff
  11. Endless Pursuit

    Raffle Prize

    I received an email informing me that I won a nice carving chisel set and that I’d be contacted about making arrangements to get them. Haven’t heard anything since. How do I get them? My phone is 33 six nine 63 six 070. Thanks, ‘Jeff SchmuCoker
  12. Endless Pursuit

    Spray booth ventilation

    That is one LARGE explosion proof blower ......
  13. Endless Pursuit

    Finish on Cypress?

    There is no magic elixir that can be applied to stop the bleaching (greying) except an opaque film (paint) any stain or oil will have to be constantly maintained. Let her read this article and tell her that she can come to appreciate the "dynamic finish" that woods acquires naturally as it...
  14. Endless Pursuit

    Beech tree available for custom milling

    That's why he has several Beech logs of mine to be milled and dried. One of them will be quartersawn for - wait for it - tool blanks! I will be taking orders in about 2 years.
  15. Endless Pursuit

    Kitchen reface experience

    I'd paint the walls a very light smoke blue, spend $ on granite countertop & Glass Tile Backsplash and leave the cabinets alone.
  16. Endless Pursuit

    Handling Plywood

    I'm remodeling a house and I'm actually paying someone to do all the casework for the new kitchen because some of it is quite complicated and I can't even come close to his cost. I found an excellent cabinet shop and before spending that much $ with them I spent some time actually in their shop...
  17. Endless Pursuit

    The "Frankeinstein" Method of Straightening Out Cupped Boards

    If his sawcuts were 3/4 of the thickness, then he planed it - the depth that he's driving those brads to hold the glued splines must be incredibly precise or they would come out the top surface. Also, like Mike said, pick better lumber. If he's doing that to make money, his time must be billed...
  18. Endless Pursuit

    Sanding dust collection

    Shop vac to a dust deputy to the tool.
  19. Endless Pursuit

    Bizarre Find

    When I was a teenaged high school football player, I wanted to do something during a summer to get into good shape form the coming season. My father suggested I go work with a friend of his at his sawmill as an "offbearer". In addition to learning what real WORK was and getting into tremendous...

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