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  1. Gofor

    Jammed bit in impact driver - tricks for removal? Success!

    We used a lot of LPS 3 on the interior compartments of aircraft to prevent/retard corrosion. It is a good product. The LPS 2 also works good for coating tools being put into storage.
  2. Gofor

    Scrub planes

    To rough mine out, I used a long carriage bolt, a couple nuts and a couple flat washers. I sandwiched the blade between the nuts, washers (i.e. nut, washer, blade, washer, nut). By adjusting up and down, as well as forward and back on the blade slot, I was able to get the bevel right as well...
  3. Gofor

    Jammed bit in impact driver - tricks for removal? Success!

    Dennis' solution also works for me in my DeWalts. It is a frequent problem when I use a nut driver or socket adapter as well. If you don't have a fastener to sink the bit into for the reverse trick, you may have to use vice-grips.
  4. Gofor

    And I can sell...

    When I first heard about using it, the poster said "without ammonia", so that is what I tried (it was also what I had on hand, LOL). It was my thought, perhaps mistaken, that ammonia being a strong oxidizer may contribute to rusting. I have not tried it with ammonia. Just recommending what I...
  5. Gofor

    And I can sell...

    I have had the Veritas Mark II guide for several years, along with the Dia-Sharp diamond plates, and it has greatly sped up my ability to keep plane blades sharp. Don't know if you have picked up on the fine adjustment on the roller knob that lets you adjust up a bit for the final edge, but it...
  6. Gofor

    Acrylic Sheets

    Polycarbonate (Lexan) has much better impact resistance (it is what modern day jet fighter aircraft canopies are made of), and less apt to yellow with age. It is easier to scratch, but also easier to bend. Because it is softer, scratches and scrub marks can be polished out. Many car...
  7. Gofor

    Who needs a chainsaw?

    I could really use one of those. Is there a Harbor Freight model?
  8. Gofor

    Happy Birthday Pop Golden

    Hoping you have a great day!!
  9. Gofor

    Froglips aka Jim Campbell

    RIP fine Sir. Deepest condolences to the family and friends. Thank you for posting this Dan.
  10. Gofor

    Lost my mom

    Deepest condolences to you and your family.
  11. Gofor

    Happy Birthday bowman

    Happy Birthday!!
  12. Gofor

    Basic hand tool set?

    With the thought that a lot of basic furniture was made from green wood, I would include a froe, froe maul, and hand ax, with the axe being the most important. However, if including the froe, then you are getting into the area where a shave horse of some type would also be of use. But, if you...
  13. Gofor

    Froglips shopsmith for sale. **Sold**

    ShopSmith = The Swiss Army knife of woodworking!
  14. Gofor

    Happy Birthday McRabbet

    Happy Birthday. Long live the penguin!
  15. Gofor

    Torch wood "staining"

    The best thing I have seen used was an old fashioned blow torch, because it gave off a larger diameter heat plume.
  16. Gofor

    Help needed for broken bolt in Bosch ros65vc sander

    IF you use an easy out, you may want to pick up a set of carbide drill bits. Carbide will drill into even hardened steel. If the broken surface is too rough or uneven to start a drill bit, you can use a dremel tool with a pointed grinder to drill a small recess in the surface to help cennter...
  17. Gofor

    Compressed air piping

    As you note, PVC does work. The main problems are that over time it becomes brittle, making it susceptible to damage, but the main problem I have seen in shops piped with PVC is the flexibility, which causes significant sagging in the longer runs, especially in the hot summer months. The areas...
  18. Gofor

    Compressed air piping

    Have not used PEX. However, stay away from PVC.
  19. Gofor

    Fire extinguisher in shop w/o climate control

    Although I agree with having the main extinguisher near the door to your shop, it does not hurt to have another one closer to the center, in case a fire starts between you and the only exit. The main purpose being to knock the fire down enough for you to exit and call 911. If reasonable, close...
  20. Gofor

    Pressure pot question

    I used a pressure pot quite a bit in my younger years. Basically, it forces the paint up to the spray gun with positive pressure, so less air is needed (eliminates the need for siphon pressure). It can also allow you to spray heavier/thicker coatings through a conventional gun. I have a 5...

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