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  1. Ralrick

    Workshop Update Help

    Is anyone in the Raleigh area interested in doing some shop updates and want to trade helping each other for a day? I'll be installing a new Sawstop and putting in some overhead dust collection ductwork and could use some help for a day. Anyone interested in trading help in the shop for a day...
  2. Ralrick

    IPE - wood movement

    We are installing a new deck using IPE (Brazilian Hardwood). We're using a 'picture framing' type layout with a boarder board and then a board perpendicular to the house at each support column that will then create the frames around the horizontal boards. I'm using 3/16" gap between the...
  3. Ralrick

    Forgot to trim before gluing

    I'm making a cabinet for my brother that is going to have a part of the cabinet with 9 drawers (3x3). When I made the drawer components I made them slightly taller than needed and figured I would trim all the components at the end before gluing. Well, as the title says, I glued the drawers...
  4. Ralrick

    Sawstop Ordered, Options?

    I ordered a 3hp Industrial Sawstop this week and wondering if I've chosen the best options. Anyone that has a sawstop, please let me know if you have options that you think are valuable to you. I ordered: - 36" version (I have 52" PM-66 now and don't believe I need the 52" version) - ICS...
  5. Ralrick

    Cigar Travel Box

    I’ve wanted to build a small travel box for cigars and accessories and finally designed and built it. Walnut sides, oak top/bottoms and SOSS 1” hinges. I made the top compartment for the accessories with Kaizen foam and a sliding top.
  6. Ralrick

    SOSS hinge - how do I remove press fit

    I was doing a test fit on some soss hinges and thought I was done. Unfortunately, I got the shape well fit but didn’t quite have it deep enough. Now I need to figure out a way to remove the hinge without damaging the walnut case? Anyone done this before and have a good idea how to remove? The...
  7. Ralrick

    Woodpecker - 32" T-Square

    Woodpecker 32" T-Square. In like-new condition - always well cared for and stored. Great tool for precision work, uncompromised quality. North Raleigh 27613 $125 firm
  8. Ralrick

    Hidden hinge for 3/8" material

    I built a fairly small box using 3/8" material and would like to find a hidden hinge to use for the opening of the lid (but not the 5mm Barrel hinge that requires a chamfer on both the box and the lid). Has anyone seen a small SOSS type hidden hinge or maybe even a rail hinge that is meant for...
  9. Ralrick

    Cabinet Door Stops

    I built a rolling dartboard cabinet for a friend to use outdoors. Because of the cabinet design without a face frame and full overlay doors, I ended up just using regular no-mortise hinges as the doors need to open a full 180* with the scoreboards mounted to the inside of the doors. The...
  10. Ralrick

    Miter Saw Station

    Finally got around to making and installing the Miter Saw Station I had planned a year ago. Very functional with 24" deep drawers and plenty of work surface. No fence (wood whisperer design) but I will be installing T-Track with tape measure and stop block system on both sides. I am a little...
  11. Ralrick

    Tablesaw - adjustment and tuning

    I have an older Powermatic 66 Table saw. It's always been very accurate and has never needed too much for maintenance or tuning. I just ran into something that has me puzzled and not sure if it is indicative of a problem or not. I was tilting the blade on the saw last week for a 45* cut...
  12. Ralrick

    Bevel cut on edge of plywood

    I want to put a 45* bevel on the edge of some plywood. Is this a safe way to trim off the bevel corner? I have a sacrificial fence up to the edge of the blade so when the board is trimmed, there will be a loose piece sitting on top of the blade? It will just be the corner edge of the plywood...
  13. Ralrick

    HVLP Spraying

    Decided I want to learn to use a sprayer and thought it was time to invest in an HVLP system. Hobbyist usage but would like to occasionally spray a white latex or acrylic paint if possible. From my research, spraying a paint/primer seems to indicate a 3 stage unit is required but I have read...
  14. Ralrick

    Thanks Phil S!

    Just wanted to thank Phil again for taking the time to turn a piece of walnut as an insert for me to splice a table post. It fit in the post perfectly! I appreciate you doing it and all you do to help the NC Woodworker community! Rick
  15. Ralrick

    Anyone with a lathe in North Raleigh?

    Would love a small favor from someone. I've had to cut down an aluminum pole into two pieces to shorten it and I'm now looking to splice it back together. I'm looking for someone to turn a 5-6" long wooden cylinder (approximately 2 3/16 diameter) that I can epoxy in the pole to join both...
  16. Ralrick

    Anyone know where I can have threads cut?

    I have an aluminum pole for a table. I'd like to find a machine shop that could shorten and then re-thread the end. Anyone know of someone or a business that might be able to do this type of work in Raleigh? The pole is about 2.75" diameter and I'd like it cut down from 17" to 11". Let me...
  17. Ralrick

    Rookie Mistake

    Made two cabinets including 4 drawers over last night and tonight. I was just wrapping up for the night and decided to do some dry assembly before heading out of the shop. Had one cabinet about assembled and realized I never cut the top stretchers . . . . . I'm already dusty and thinking...
  18. Ralrick

    Outdoor Cabinets - what materials?

    I'm planning to build some cabinets that will be outside on a covered dock at the lake. The cabinets will be exposed to heat/cold/humidity but they will not really be exposed to direct sunlight nor rain as they will be in an outside covered bar area. Does anyone have experience with different...
  19. Ralrick

    Cabinet use outdoors

    Does anyone have experience with cabinets being used outdoors but in a covered area? My only experience is some fairly inexpensive garage cabinets (I think from Home Depot) that have held up fine for over 10 years and I'm wondering if 're-purposed' kitchen cabinets would have the same longevity...
  20. Ralrick

    Greensboro Estate Tool Sale

    Wondering how many made it out to Greensboro this weekend for the estate sale with so many of the high-end hand tools? There was a ton of Lie Nielson, Bridge City, Veritas, etc. Anyone get any great deals or cool stuff? I bought a small Lie Nielson plane, a Veritas Chisel plane and a pretty...

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