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    latest tobacco stick project

    Trying some craft ideas to use up part of the tobacco stick inventory I have. This is the latest project, a key rack. Any feedback would be appreciated
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    Willow experiences

    Got a piece of willow from a neighbor part of a tree blown down never turned willow before anyone have any thoughts
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    Top wheel on bandsaw loose

    I recently decided to put tune up my bandsaw that I have not used in a couple of years. It is an old craftsman. When putting on the new blade I noticed the top wheel(tire?) is loose and whenever I started to tighten the blade it would begin to tilt. I would hand turn to see if the blade was...
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    back to the lathe

    I have been inactive for a while.(No need to bore you with that long story.) I have been turning a few pendants for necklaces and did a piece of cherry burl today with some bark left on it. Put a couple of coats of spray laquer on it. I know it needs a few more. Any comments appreciated View...
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    making walnut stain

    Hello I have not posted for a while but had a question. I have access to some black walnut trees I have been gathering to crack this winter. I was wondering if anyone had any use for the hulls to make stain. Any thoughts or inquiries are welcome.
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    Another first

    Finally turned a goblet. I acheived both goals I had for this turning. 1. The cup did not explode while turning. 2. The stem is smaller than the cup. All comments will be appreciated.
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    another pocket watch Cherry Burl

    Another pocket watch. This one is from a piece of Cherry Burl. My main problem is deciding which way is up because there is no grain direction. any comments appreciated.
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    bocote pocketwatch

    My latest pocketwatch. I have to put the post for the chain. This is the first bocote I have used and really like the grain. Any comments appreciated. BTW does bocote darken much with age??
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    latest bowl

    I decided to turn a bowl of of a piece of "scrap" sycamore since it was "warm"? enough to get in the shop the other day. My dad says it looks like I found a bowl in a bowl! 5" D x 1 3/4" T. Any comments appreciated.
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    New, ultra modern, high tech, state of the art, depth gauge

    I decided to try and make a depth gauge for when I make boxes. Below is a picture of what I came up with. Simple, but it seems to do the trick. It also works for small, repeat small, bowls.
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    Latest box

    Yes, I have been gone for awhile. The Woodturning symposium last week made me decide I better start spinning instead of collecting wood. This is out of canary wood I got at Wall lumber. All comments appreciated
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    symposium tomorrow

    sorry if there is a similar thread. I will be at the woodturning symposium tomorrow. I will be wearing a March of Dimes cap and in Mike Stafford's class for the 1st rotation. let me know if anyone else is there.
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    latest box

    This is out of Canary wood. All comments appreciated
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    Latest lidded box

    Made out of bubinga. just a coat of sealer so far. still have some finish work to do. All comments appreciated
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    Morning efforts

    A lidded box out of mahoghany. comments welcome
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    Chip Carving

    I have been reading a little about chip carving and wonder if anyone out there is involved with this type of carving? any guideance on where to look for info besides youtube videos.
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    NC Woodturning Symposium in October

    Just found this link.
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    A Saturday at the Lathe

    I decided to try a lidded box with a finial. The wood is sycamore with a walnut finial. No finish yet. Let me know your thoughts or comments.
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    Anyone had any experience turning tulipwood. I tried a piece yesterday. It seems very brittle.
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    bud vase / Weed Pot?

    My latest turning. All comments are appreciated.It is Made out of ash.

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