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    Supermax SOLD

    If it does not work out with Frank C, I am interested.
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    Penn State Oneida cyclone dust system 2.5 hp $400 (Columbia)

    I previously contacted the seller about this unit and it is not the TEMP1425S. It looks like a newer PSI red blower and a separate cyclone unit.
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    What is your most disliked or disappointing tool?

    Although I enjoy Rockler products and appreciate the design behind most of them, the Dust Right vacuum hose for sanders is difficult to use. The hose is heavy (the one time I will complain something is built too well) causing the sander to strain towards the weight of the hose.
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    Dust Collection Cyclone & Parts. SOLD

    Hey Striker, new user here so I do not have PM privileges yet, but am interested in the unit. Appreciate if you could PM me. Thanks, Brian

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