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  1. golfdad

    Good deed just waiting for a few volunteers

    Great job stepping in Richard
  2. golfdad

    2021 Raffle Winners

    Thanks for a job well done Neal.....hope your feeling better
  3. golfdad

    Looking for 48” T8 shop lights

    You can buy bulbs from Green Light Depot that will work with no ballast change
  4. golfdad

    IMPORTANT: 2021 Raffle Update

    Get well soon Neal
  5. golfdad

    Diamond grinding wheels

    I only have the 180.....i guess i better win a 600 in the raffle
  6. golfdad

    I just bought...

    bought 4 winners on Mon. Will buy 4 more on Fri
  7. golfdad

    BS cut quality

    Woodslicer on my 14” grizzly cuts about as smooth as glass……..about $35
  8. golfdad

    Happy Birthday Bobby g

    Happy Birthday Bobby
  9. golfdad

    Old Barn Removal

    Same as Kurt Barn side of a Broad
  10. golfdad

    Grief plaque

    Very nice and very thoughtful Berta
  11. golfdad

    2021 Picnic Status

    I definitely had this on the todo list but I am having 2nd thoughts as I watch the #'s continue to rise. Im going to a "Maybe " state.
  12. golfdad

    Old Barn Removal

    Daniel there a place in Garner. I can get you the name later today
  13. golfdad

    Band Saw blade advice needed.

    Highland Hardware is a good choice
  14. golfdad

    Wixey on 735

    I have one on my 735 and it works great
  15. golfdad

    Always great to meet other woodworkers

    Great pics Phil. Have a great time and a safe trip home
  16. golfdad


    Thought Dee was worried bout NCWW managment
  17. golfdad

    Young wood turner looking for scrap wood to turn! HELP

    You can have a field day finding wood down right now in Haywood County after all the flooding last week
  18. golfdad

    Recent Turning

    I love it. . Great looking piece
  19. golfdad

    New concept - should work

    lol why did I know he was going to say that !

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