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  1. Scwood

    Deer Antler Question(update)

    Re: Deer Antler Question It is illegal to sell Antler from deer that have been killed here in South Carolina too.When I sell pens from antler I make it be known that the antler came from "naturally shed drops".Now I have had customers bring me antlers from small deer that was their kids first...
  2. Scwood

    New Tool Cabinet

    WOW!!! That's a very nice piece!!!:eusa_clap
  3. Scwood

    An update

    Thanks everyone for the nice words.As far as the pulls go,when I went to install them the customer didnt want them.I tried to talk her into it but she said no.A day later she called and said she wanted them.:dontknow:
  4. Scwood

    An update

    If any of you recall, I posted a little while ago that I started my own woodworking business.I have been pounding the pavement trying to get work.About a month ago I finally landed my first order.It was a entertainment center out of birch.The customers came to me with a picture of what they...
  5. Scwood

    put a dado in the back of a cabinet?

    First I only use 1/4" ply for my backs.After I assemble the upper cabinet,I rabbit out the back of the cabinet with a router.Then just check for square and glue and then staple in the back with some 5/8" wide crown staples.Now in my upper cabinets I put in a 2 1/4" nailer at the top and bottom.
  6. Scwood

    Building a Pergola - Updated Pics

    Re: Building a Pergola The last I did at work had a Ipe floor and a pergola roof.We used cypress for the roof and painted it white.The Ipe floor I put down with screws.I went through about 15 countersinks!Have fun!!!!
  7. Scwood

    Completed five drawer chest. Finally!

    Awesome piece!!!!!!
  8. Scwood

    my first bowl

    Great job!!!!!!:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
  9. Scwood

    Pain of Stupidity

    I hope everything goes well for you and I wish you a speedy recovery.I feel your pain,I was using a flat tip in my drill while I was taking apart some old furniture when all of a sudden bam!!!!! The drill went in the same spot as yours and left a nice little star pattern hole.I had to get a...
  10. Scwood

    # of hinges on large frame & panel door?

    I agree with 4
  11. Scwood

    Double, Single, and Dog

    Wow those look great!!!!
  12. Scwood

    Finally taking the plunge!!

    Thanks yall for the well wishes.Its going to be tough with having to meet with contractors,build the cabinets,do shop drawings and give bids.Not to mention in 2 1/2 months football season starts.I got 1 son playing high school ball,1 son playing elementary ball and I coach the the middle school...
  13. Scwood

    Finally taking the plunge!!

    Hello everyone!I have been awol for sometime now,I have had a lot going on.About a month ago I lost my job of 3 years because my boss didn't pay me for 3 weeks straight.So after spending 2 weeks in a dark hole trying to figure out what to do I finally got out and started looking.I stopped by my...
  14. Scwood

    cored set # 1

    WOW!!!!! Those look great.Cant wait to see them completed.
  15. Scwood

    TruStone Pen

    I tried 1 on an olympic 2 elite once.It turned great but my hole wasn't drilled exactly center so .....a little tube broke thru on one end :eek: Im glad to see you did a great job where I had a epic fail.
  16. Scwood

    A flock of turkey Calls.

    Those are some really nice calls.Where do you find the slate insert for the turning?I have always wanted to make my own and try to bag a Tom with it.
  17. Scwood

    Newbie to the Forum

    Hi Scott..and welcome to the group.Those are some pretty tough projects for just having "dabbled" in woodworking.Im not sure of the answer but I wish you the best of luck.
  18. Scwood

    Lego toy box

    Very nice!!!!I might have to build one for my son.Hope you dont mind if I borrow your idea.
  19. Scwood

    How can I make this flooring reducer?

    The last floor I put down I started the strip just like this then sanded with a belt sander than a orbital.Thank the Lord it turned out just fine.
  20. Scwood

    Votes Needed in Laguna Contest

    Done!! Nice chair!!!

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